Is it DM or VC? What are we calling the Deadmines

I really have to ask… what are we calling the Deadmines… DM or VC? So WoW launchs in 2004 with Deadmines included, but Dire Maul was not launched until March of 2005 (v1.3). I personally remember Deadmines going from DM to VC to avoid confusion, but was confusing to those of us who remember DM as Deadmines… So the real question now is… since we know about Dire Maul… what will we use to call out Deadmines? Discuss…

P.S. Wall of text hit you for 50k… :)~

Surely it’s not at all difficult to type…

LFM Deadmines need 1 Mage, or
LFM Dire Maul need 1 Warlock?

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I agree… I have been typing out the full name… but some in General chat correct others on the proper acronym

“It’s called VC btw”

I distinctly remember playing in classic and being made fun of for referring to “The Deadmines” as DM (because that is clearly “Dire Maul”)

I felt like such a noob.

It is a point of contention. but all things considered. We know there will be an instance called “Dire Maul” (the game has been out for 15 years… no surprise) So we can refer to “The Deadmines” as “TD” or “Deadmines” or “VC” or even “TDm” (lowercase ‘m’ as it is ONE WORD)

But leave all the capitol “DM” references for Dire Maul aka “DME” “DM Trib” etc

Hell just call it “CM” for Cookie Mines… I mean that’s the main reason to run that instance anyway right? :'D

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