Is it better to wait for 3080? or just get a 2080?

When will Shadowlands be released exactly guys? since it’s supporting Ray-tracing, I hope they release 3000 series before Shadowlands…


I’d wait

What you got now

What CPU you got now

Has this been confirmed? Is it available on the beta yet?

Maybe the 3000 series will finally support retail Ray tracing, not that tech demo we got with the 2000 series :wink:


Depending on the resolution you intend to play at, a 3080 is way overkill for WoW. The areas that cause slowdowns are GPU agnostic. The difference between a 1070 and a 2070 is minimal at best in WoW. Same could be said of a 1080 ti and a RTX 2080.

IMO, the sweet spot for a graphics card is about the $300 mark. You start hitting diminishing returns pretty fast beyond that. Raytracing reminds me of bump mapping when it first came out. A lot of hype without adequate hardware to pull it off.

That being said, eventually, it will be a common feature.

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You can still get some gains out of a better GPU, depending on what he’s got, and in a lot of areas. Or increase resolution.

In places where having more visual fidelity and framerate feels good, like wold quests/open world running around, it can make the game more immersive.

I agree though that in most of the areas where you are slowing down in generally network or CPU limitations.

Yes it’s. 100%.

I would 1000% wait for the 3000 series, they look great and should be out near the end of the year :slight_smile:


all NVIDIA rtx support ray tracing. I have rtx 2070. Doing more then fine on 4k monitor. :slight_smile:

They’re talking about the game. Needs individual games to support the feature.

There’s been discussion about if WoW will implement RTRT, but I haven’t seen the source. If it does, it will depend on how its implemented on how well it performs.

For example, a standard 2070 with RTX on can do maybe 60fps at 1080p with the feature enabled, in games that support it. 4k 30-50fps possibly with DLSS, but that’s just really not 4k at that point anymore IMO.

well maybe it will happen in wow :slight_smile:

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A 3080 would be way overkill for WoW, without ray tracing. I have a 3 or 4 year old 1080ti that is overkill for WoW I reguarly get 90 FPS or above at 5K. Yes 5k not 4k.

But if Shadowlands is going to have ray tracing, that changes everything.

The 2000 series Nvidia cards could almost be thought of as a beta for ray tracing. The 3000 series, which is supposed to be out later this year, if the rumors are true, will take ray tracing to the next level.

Its worth the wait.

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I heard they are going to up-boost the Ray-tracing effect on the 3k series… Not sure if this information is accurate or.

If the current RTX is the same as the 3k serieis I would go for the 2080ti… to be honest. Because I mainly only play WoW.

apparently the 3000 is supposed to have nearly double the RTX performance as 2000 series

Ya well that’s worth the wait then for sure…

The real question is would old CPU like 7700k bottleneck the 3080ti for WoW on 1440p?

If it has a good OC I don’t think so.

At least, no worse than anything else.

You’ll be able to utilize the GPU hardware out questing and doing open world stuff.

Raids, mass pvp, and world bosses will still lag from cpu tho, just like every other cpu

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