Is isboxer allowed with input duplication disabled?

I understand that input replication is not allowed but need to know if using isboxer for window management is allowed if input duplication is disabled?

This will determine if I sub a second account for Season of Mastery

Your not gona get a clear cut answer any multiboxer software is use at ur own. What maybe allowed one day could be not allowed the next.

I am only interested in what is allowed under the current EULA and what Blizzard say on the matter

Blizz uses an anti-cheat program called Warden. It’s believed to scan running processes for blacklisted applications. As such it’s reasonable to presume that mere detection of ISBoxer running will get you an ban, regardless of what it’s actually doing.

I wouldn’t chance it.

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A good rule of thumb is if you have to ask about something toeing the line, the best bet is to steer clear. I do remember when they changed up what was permissible ISBoxer was the culprit of a number of folks getting their accounts slapped.

But with things as they are you cannot use anything - software or hardware - to streamline anything.

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It is not allowed even for that from my understanding like others have pointed out. If you need to manage your windows, I make one the size I want with click and drag on the edge of the window then hit windows + arrow keys on the second window open. The second window will form fit to the size I want (usually). No software or anything crazy, just simple windows OS commands. I use that for other stuff too… chrome… discord… excel. Pretty handy windows function! :smiley:


Warden will scan for the program, not wether you have a component disabled or not, if you have it on the system and running, you’l get pinged.


What Warden does is get a list of programs running on your system
will see isboxer.exe and see that as banned software and take action as appropriate. you can’t run isboxer with WoW.


It used to be you were good as long as you didn’t automate gameplay, and as long as it was one click per action per window, you were fine.

Then they updated, and software or hardware to send commands to a non-focus window were ruled out.

Then they clarified a third time, and any tool that helps to “streamline” multiboxing, hardware or software, isn’t allowed. Under the current rules as stated, anything like ISBoxer, even if it’s not being used for automation or to mirror commands, is still “streamlining” multiboxing and is a no. So is a wireless keyboard that sends commands to multiple computers.

You can thank botters who were using multiboxing software and hardware to scale up their farming, Blizzard ended up having to take all the tools away from legitimate multiboxers too so that fully automated botters couldn’t hide their activities by claiming to be us.


Oh go ahead and boast that you are doing it.
So more people will quit because of it.
Run one account at a time.
Good luck have fun.

Oh if you want to advocate for one toon all gathering professions.
If that’s the reason you think you need to play more than one account.

I’m in for that.

Multiboxing isnt against the rules, just using software to make it easier. Most boxers have gone back to alt tab and dual boxing =)