Is Ichabod worth it?

Hi all, I really love battlepetting. It’s pretty much kept me playing through the end of SL.

Now I really would like to get Ichabod but it seems a little coastly to me. If it was a charity donation I would probably do it but the cost of a twitch sub in Australia where I am is $8.

So this means $16 for a single pet. For comparison a store pet costs $13.50 (not on special). I personally don’t think it looks that cool and not sure how it will go in battle but does anyone know if it has anything extra going for it?
I know it’s pretty much FOMO and normally suffer quite a lot from it but has anyone got any thoughts on why it is worth it?

Please be positive. Even if you don’t like the twitch factor, (I don’t mind the watching but not really a fan on the forced donation) I don’t want this to be a rant post but just curious thoughts on the actual pet itself.

I’m not sure if it’ll get a nerf, but Reaping Hook is basically Ion Cannon with no recharge rounds and has a forced pet swap.

Aesthetically, sometimes when it’s summoned it has a pumpkin on its head. When you /hug him he hugs you back, and when you /love him he looks like he’s going haywire and he spams hearts over his head.

As for charity, this isn’t a self-promo, but I already reached my goal to get new emotes for my channel with the sub revenue, so everything else will be going to the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). I’m sure there are other channels doing the same if you look around a bit ^^

I’m not sure what timezone Australia is, but you have until 12 Dec. 22:59 PST, so there’s still time to look around at streamers to see if anyone is doing charity as part of the Support a Streamer campaign. It’s not a perfect solution, because half the revenue is still going to Twitch, but it’s a meet-in-the-middle one.


That’s probably enough to kick in my FOMO :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s awesome! I wish I knew people were doing that. If the timings line up I’ll try to jump on your channel :slight_smile:

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I find it aesthetically appealing. Personally I don’t buy any in game items unless it is a gift for someone else or if I have a gift card I might buy something for myself.

Given all this, I would buy it for a gift for someone if possible.

The idea of getting it for Twitch subscriptions is a nice idea. It is more of a donation to the community.

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Personally, I don’t like the idea of any purchasable pets. Or pets given as a reward, in this case, for donations. (And I say this is someone who owns the Cindercat, Ragnaros, Altherac Hound and a bunch of other pets I bought from the Gift Shop.)

Because you’re having to buy pets rather than ones found in game. And that’s just wrong. You’re having to pay extra to succeed. So, none of these pets should be essential, and you could argue they’re not. But I don’t believe I could have beaten all the Anomalous Animals of Argus without my Cindercat.

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Hahahahaha I am the same. Don’t like buying store pets but I have a few (giftcard from a girlfriend she told me I had to use to buy pets and they were on special from Christmas) and the donation ones (except for Shadow :frowning: )

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Thank you, by the way, for mentioning this. I was looking at him, and was about to dismiss him as not worth having. For one thing, he’s H/H, and I hate H/H. People often say that purebreeds are the best to get, and I would take issue with that if the purebreed is H/H. I prefer my B/B Unborn Val’kyr, for instance, over my H/H. I realize that B/B has the lowest of all additional points added to stats, and they are distributed evenly; however, B/B still strikes harder and faster than H/H. And since she gets the Undead round, her extra health really doesn’t matter much. The extra damage does.

The Anubisath Idol is another good example. With his Humanoid pet healing, he gets the job done, but as an H/H pet, he has almost nothing behind his attacks, especially when he has that blasted Sandstorm up. He gets the job done . . . if you don’t mind taking half an hour.

I checked out the abilities, and they, for the most part, seemed lackluster. But of course, in looking at Wowhead, they showed the damage for Reaping Hook at the level 1, which was 77 points, and I was not impressed. But hearing your description, I decided to go for it.

And I’m actually glad I did. His claw attacked did very well against the critters I pitted him against as I was leveling him. Then, once I got him to 15th, I took him back to BfA to finish leveling.

At 24th level I attacked a Forest Moth, which turned out to be 25th level rare. Seeing my abilities would not fare well against a flying pet, I Reaping Hooked out the Moth, and then Clawed the next one, a Crab, to death. When the moth came back in, I Reaping Hooked again, and the moth was dead.

As I faced the last pet, I realized that Ichabod had just soloed all three pets. It was close, but Reaping Hook came off CD and finished the fight.

I think Ichabod will turn out to be a fairly useful pet.

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