Is Emerald Dream still active?

I’m trying really hard to get back into WoW. But between being a dad, work hours and so many changes in the game it’s proving to be really hard.

Every time I log on I feel completely lost and feel unable to really play or focus. It’s got me to the point of wanting to just start a fresh character to learn from lvl 1 and up.

That’s why I’m curious to know if emerald dream is still actually active, are the guilds still doing their things? Last time I was playing wpvp was seeing somewhat of a revival, did that stop or has it continued?
Is there a new capital city that everyone chills in cause Everytime I log on orgrimmar is barren

This server is dead AF.

i was randomly logging in and trade chat is even dead. none of the guilds are around anymore either. 90% of my friends list either they are in classic, or on different servers. I’m in the same boat as you though, i want to play so i made a level 1 on another server, got to 70 then just transferred my hunter and warrior to the same server and its active compared.

my suggestion, do just that. make a new toon, enjoy the experience and make new friends.

I’m in the same situation as you dude. I just want to meet some folks that are fun to chill with and run wpvp, PVP or even pve content with while actually talking and unwinding after work. ED used to be the place for that for years. I have no idea where to find that now, and I would go to any server or WoW version to get that.

Yikes, ditto again. What servers are you finding to still be semi lively?

I left during season 1 and so did all my Internet friends. Now I have the WoW itch and everyone is gone lol

i believe the server I’m on is stormrage now. i also am playing on classic era which oddly enough is super active. active to the point i have to wait for people to finish their quests and active guilds and zones full of people.

stormrage is of course a cluster, so its 5 servers or so of people combined into one cluster and I’m still unguilded there, and it’s still hard to find people you even want to talk or do things with as even with there being 100’s of people around, it still lacks the community feel. Classic however, it feels so good cause of the community aspect.

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Stormrage was one I considered too…but yeah, there’s something cool about classic isn’t there? I am rolling a dwarf paladin tonight on HC skull rock, I’ll Xfer it to whitemane or something when he dies, and it finally feels like I’m scratching the itch. People actually talk in classic, and work together socially to solve problems.

classic is actually wild. every zone i go to has tons of people, people constantly running dungeons. people will stop and chat, and help. only downside is i have to often wait for spawns but that’s a good problem to have. I’m playing a priest and i will say it’s slow cause as a healer spec killing stuff takes forever lol.

but as of right now I’m having a lot of fun. guilds been cool and they raid nightly. I’m being casual and its great.

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That is so encouraging to hear. I want to jump back in.

Now, are you talking about HC or vanilla/era?

im just doing vanilla. HC doesnt do much for me. dunno why, just doesnt appeal to me for some reason.

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is there a hardcore realm yall suggest? ( I haven’t even dabbed so I don’t know If there are multiple to choose from)

theres 2 realms you can choose from. when you go to classic to the server select screen there is a bottom tab for hardcore. both are pretty full. so i dont think you can go wrong on which one you choose.

I left this server a number of years back but it’s sad to see my home server literally dead on both sides. This was such a lively server that whole guilds use to transfer here.

…now… rip.

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As the saying goes. “Nothing lasts forever.” WoW no longer appeals to me as life has gotten in the way fully among other hobbies. I decided to give WoW a go a few weeks ago, and when I saw ED just dead I shook my head, and haven’t logged in since. Hopefully you find what you’re looking for Brunow. Oh, and Oledirteh I remember you from way back. It’s Cretus.

Hola! im around off an on, just hardly on retail. i sometimes log into an alt on ED just to see if anyone’s around i remember but hardly ever see anyone. my friends list is all classic and or on other servers now.

but like you life is in the way :slight_smile: Thats honestly a good thing.

Currently, I still haven’t played regularly. I do have an active subscription…because I keep forgetting lol. My family is about to move so maybe after that we’ll finally play.

I’m in a similar boat as you OP. Came back to WoW for Dragonflight after a few years off. Most of my toons were on ED so I stayed with it. Server is dead man.

I’m currently leveling alts on other servers in hopes of finding something that reminds me of the good old days. There has to be at least one server somewhere that still feels special.

I made the jump months back and was surprised to see a few “wanted” posters go up on the realm forum of my new realm. It reminded me of the bounties that would pop up on the old ED forum back in the day.

Of course I’d pick update morning to bring the laptop down and set up to play wow finally.