Is ED still a decent server?

Back in MOP, when I last seriously played WoW, ED was the best server. Had loads of fun. I’m coming back in kind of a “maybe i’ll stick around” cause i’ve heard some good things from DF.

But when i log in…I literally never see people. Like maybe there’s some high pop at a capital sometimes, but by and large the usual thing I see is empty zones.

I know WM killed a lot of what made PvP great, not sure how many realms that affected.

So, is this just ED?



I don’t always agree with Mort but he’s usually pretty much spot on.

ED is still “active” just not in the same ways that it used to be.

I say give it a try and see how it goes.


Nah. It’s not just ED though obviously the larger realms have been affected much less.

Plenty of things changed over the years here on ED but when Blizz went and took the PvP realm designation out of the picture we kinda lost our “identity” as a realm. It is what it is.


no go away

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No. I’ve been playing ED since Northrend days and this is the worst I’ve ever seen it. All this sharding nonsense really ruined what made ED so great–world PvP.

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ED realistically has been dead since around when legion came out


ED has ED if u know what i mean

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Its not the greatest, but it’s home. I’ve tried other servers but I wasn’t impressed. DF for me is def the part that keeps me playing. There’s still plenty of WPvP, just sometimes you have to instigate it and/or look for it.

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