Is Drake Talon Cleaver ever better than Zin'Rokh (in PvP

This is in regard to PvP (BG and WPvP). Is there ever a situation where Drake Talon Cleaver would be better the Zin’Rokh for a Holy Reckoning Paladin? So damage mostly comes from Reckbombs or getting 2 or 3 hits in one swing.

3.8 weapon speed
196 ~ 295
+28 Stam
+72 AP
(Crusader enchant)

Drake Talon Cleaver
3.4 weapon speed
199 ~ 300
+22 Str (44 AP)
+17 Stam
Chance on hit to deliver fatal wound for 240 dmg - I’ve tested out the proc rate and it seems like with SoR and Lifestealing procs around 8% of the time.
(Lifestealing enchant)

I think Zin’rokh is better, but I’m trying really hard to find reasons to use DTC because Zin’rokh is ugly as hell but DTC is really nice looking.

Zin’rokh by a long shot thanks to speed scaling.


Zinrokh is better

I thought so. I was hoping DTC could somehow be viable with SoR and Lifestealing to increase Fatal Wound procs, but I guess the proc rate is just not good enough. Kind of wish weapons had higher proc chances, either a flat rate or tied to some stat. Would make things more interesting.

It has nothing at all to do with the proc.

assuming you have 800AP buffed…
800/16= +50 weapon dps.
WDPS+50 bonus x 3.8 vs WDPS +50 x 3.4
The first number should be bigger, but probably not by a huge amount.

Enjoying how no one is mentioning not only ZR is better but the OP is human…

cause it’s a pvp thing and hit is less important in pvp.


No it isnt, you need 5% hit for ensure all your abilites hit and if you can use a sword it means you can trade another item solely for hit for better stats.

SoR doesn’t proc on hit procs btw, Seal and judgement of command do though, so you’d get more procs with command. Also physical procs like from the doomsaw and halberd of smiting will proc seals, and since they can proc off seal of command as well can cause some hiliarious death blows.

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personally I would go with dtc because of the crit from axe spec. 5% crit is better than sword spec by a mile unless you have ashkandi or bre

Weapon skill does not matter in pvp, and even if it did the .5 hit is all it would grant.

Weapon speed only matters in that slower weapons tend to have higher average weapon dmg, but due to normalization thats all that matters, so DTC has a slightly higher average weapon dmg(DTC 249.5 vs Zin 245.5) and it will swing faster.

Also the proc should average out to about the same dps as the missing AP…

So do you want a weapon that hits slower for about the same dmg and has 9 more stam or do you want the one that is significantly higher dps…

DTC is the better weapon.


Come again?

Weapon skill does not matter in pvp. You need 5% hit whether you are a human or not in PVP.

Also, speed scaling is irrelevant for Mortal Strike and other abilities due to normalization. Speed scaling hasn’t been a thing since patch 1.8 fixed it. So, since we are on patch 1.12, please stop spreading false information.

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damn that blows, so that means rank 14 2h’s aren’t actually that great then?

Where are you getting this information? I’m pretty sure weapon skill does work in pvp. +5 weapon skill is 3% hit in pvp (as well as the reduction in parry dodge block) same as in pve. Only reason its less important is because there aren’t glancing blows in pvp.

The only thing about weapon skill that’s hugely different is it brings you up to your max in PvP but it also adds your additional weapon skill. That does not mean it will bring 305 weapon skill down to 300 it only means it will bring 295 weapon skill up to 300 (and a 290+5 up to 305)


Sword spec is way better than axe spec unless you are under geared.

If u are in full pvp gear you have decent crit chance, the sword procs are way more effective for bursting people down then a little extra crit chance

Sword spec is indeed better but not for the reason you suggested and mostly because it procs off of hamstring and because, as it procs a white hit, it gives rage.

Literally every one of those things contributes to more burst damage

lol 5% is not “a little extra”. I actually play a warrior

It’s meaningful when you fight anyone who has defense over 300, it then actually becomes nice but that’s becoming more rare by the day because players are changing out raid plate for PvP plate that has no defenses stats.