Is Dalaran Still Considered a Human Kingdom?

Dalaran used to be a human kingdom with high elves occasionally being apart of it. The Kirin Tor seems to have opened its doors to any race who wants to gain more knowledge with magic. It has been a neutral hub for both Horde and Alliance nowadays.

Perhaps dalaran itself with its citizens is considered a human kingdom and the kirin tor is just the multi-racial organization (kind of like the alliance 7th legion)? Or is it pretty much a faded memory of dalaran being a human kingdom (with dwarven, high elven, and gnomish citizens sprinkled in)?

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Dalaran is effectively a multiracial kingdom now (the Kirin Tor is integral to Dalaran as a nation, its high council is the ruling body of Dalaran after all), just like Theramore was.

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I grew up with the original rts games and lore associated with it. So I guess I am still partial and nostalgic to the idea of it being one of the seven human kingdoms. I think it would have been better if the horde got their own version of dalaran/kirin tor.

I get the lore adapts and changes and I accept that. I actually think it’s cool the kirin tor changed with the times and accepted more alliance races. It’s just weird to me seeing orc or tauren magi within the group.

I thought maybe that dalaran remained a human civilization but the actual kirin tor magi remained multi-racial. Is what it is I suppose


To be honest, its transition from a Human kingdom to a multiracial kingdom was smooth, there was never any true break in Dalaran’s political continuity as a nation, it just evolved. Its political structure is still directly inherited from its beginnings as a Human kingdom.

We don’t have a Horde version of Dalaran strictly speaking, but Dalaran isn’t part of the Alliance anyway so I don’t think there’s really a need for a faction parallel here ? Also some MU Orc clans are multiracial (Shattered Hand, Rageroar, Frostwolves even, since we just learned in the Orc Heritage that the Tauren who fought alongside them for the control of Alterac decided to remain with them), and some wider Horde nations are officially multiracial too (the Forsaken, the Mag’har clans)

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I never considered it a kingdom, more of an academy although I’ve seen other groups of mages called a melancholy, menagerie, society, and a conclave. I guess it might depend on how you rp if you do.

I would still consider it a “human” kingdom even if it now has a multiracial make up in the same vein that Stormwind is a “human” kingdom even though people of all races of the Alliance live in it.


It’s 100% one of the “Human Kingdoms.”

It doesn’t have a king, sure, but that’s an issue on the same order as the fact that a bunch of the US’s 50 states are technically “commonwealths.” It’s an interesting historical quirk, but it doesn’t disqualify the original statement.

And obviously the fact that its not 100% human doesn’t disqualify it either. Every nation has other sorts of people banging about. It’s fine.

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They built Silvermoon up as this way back in MoP, but it didn’t last longer than a patch, and even that patch felt more like Sunreavers vs Silver Covenant 2 than Silvermoon vs Dalaran. Dalaran was unofficially neutral again one expansion later and officially neutral within two; now, in DF, there’s not a single Alliance or Horde race unrepresented in the Kirin Tor.

Not a fan, personally, but what are you gonna do. Simpler to fold every mage into one faction/set of behaviors than to keep track of half a dozen others.


The Council of Six is entirely human. So they are ruled exclusively by humans.


Dalaran was never a normal type kingdom. It was and still is a magocracy that has a two tiered population. A mix of human and quel-thelan mages (and the odd dragon in disguise) that had all the power and almost entirely human working class that had virtually no representation in it’s government. And it was pretty much a single city-state enclosed all around by Lordaeron.

If you ignore the fact that on occasion one of them was a disguised dragon. :slight_smile:

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Haven’t seen any Kirin Tor Void Elves.

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Until his retirement, Kalecgos was a human?

He used a half elf as his visage.

And then you also had Prince Kael’thas Sunstrider as a member at one point. Also Aethas Sunreaver during Wrath.

Also is it just me that finds it funny that two members of the council of six that betrayed Dalaran in some what or form can have their first names be shorted to KT?

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And if God exists, you never will.


Very likely. The Kirin Tor doesn’t really go for taboo powers.

I was speaking of the present state. Currently, the entire Council of Six is human.

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There’s an empty seat, and an elf expansion coming up. You’re not wrong based on what we currently know of the Council, but lorewise there could be a High Elf/Blood Elf/Nightborne on the Council already. Depends on whether or not Dalaran is getting involved in Midnight, or if Blizzard wants to set up another character with some sort of authority to pull forces out of their backside.

It’s open to all now. Just disregard the murdering of Dalaran mages in silver pine forest. Nothing to see there.


You do understand that each part of Azeroth is time locked to a specific point in history?

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That doesn’t change the fact this particular event was largely side sweeped by the story.


Those areas are time locked to when Dalaran was still a rubble city under a dome.

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