Is classic worth coming back for?

Is classic worth coming back for? Thoughts…

Classic is absolutely worth it. I have been playing on the server “Bloodsail Buccaneers” (the only RP server). The sense of community that I remember from vanilla, and, to a lesser extent, from TBC, is there in Classic. People talk in general chat, people invite each other for groups when they seem to be on common quests, people use LFG to chat and look for dungeon groups. I have also had several people whisper me to ask if I’m “the” Palv (Palvarosa, Palvagra) that they remember from vanilla or TBC. So, not only is Classic actually social, you might even run into people that you knew and played with several years ago!

So, by all means, come play Classic. I have Palvarga on horde, and Tyraylene on alliance (but haven’t played ally yet). These represent my first two characters that I rolled back in 2005.

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I enjoy it. But it is much slower than retail. Be warned, the mods/add-on can be a bit confusing at first snicker.

Remember to save up all that gold for the 40 mount. mubbles, so many people had forgotten that cost and AH it up to 35 and hate themselves for it