Is Blizz doing anything about the Carry selling on the looking for group?

Every time I go to look for a group for M+ or Raid, there is like 12 people selling carry. I’ve reported all of the so the group disappears and I can look for what I need.
Is blizz blocking these people?
I’ve been doing this for 2 months and nothing changes.

report them… it works. We get players coming here all the time complaining they was silenced or suspended for advertising stuff on LFG


It does work, but the bad thing is that these are usually stolen accounts, save for the handful who just don’t get that selling in LFG is against the rules. So if one goes down, they’ve got another waiting in the wings to go back up. Please just keep reporting as best you can, these accounts DO get locked and sanctioned. As Ravenhawk said, we see it quite often with the random accounts being discovered as hacked here or there, or when the big ban waves go out - boy does this forum get busy.


It’s pretty blatent right before maintenance, isn’t it? No one else is listing groups except for the scam sites.

Check this forum and General Discussion. You’ll find the “I was banned for selling carries” posts at some point if you catch them before they’re deleted.

It the same as what Trade chat gets when there’s an unexpected realm shutdown/restart. People doing things when they think they won’t get caught or someone won’t report them.


While they are annoying, selling runs for gold is not against the TOS and is legit. It’s the sites that take real money that are violating the TOS.

it kind of is when they do it on the LFG tool.

Advertisements are not allowed in the Group Finder.


Using the LFG tool to sell those runs is actually against the TOS now and Blizzard will take action. For almost three years now.


Yes, our teams do take action on those found to be advertising in the Looking for Group channel for carries for gold. It can be slow going though, as many of the folks doing it are not legitimate players, so the penalties are less impactful when they just swap to another account. It is something that our teams are looking for solutions for.

Please continue to report any you find as you are able to.


As long as theres players looking for the easy way out theres cockroaches that will prey on them and its a ongoing problem that every MMO has if you think you have the perfect solution theres a career option at the bottom of the page.

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Considering game masters are not the ones involved with how the game is created, complaining to them in the first place is the wrong thing to do. Repeatedly doing so is very much something they can and do take action against because they aren’t punching bags.

They very much are on the side of “we want to help you” but not if you don’t actually want help in the first place, which does include not taking the advice that is generally always included in the first two ticket responses of posting in the forum most-appropriate for the team you want to see it.


Well, the buck getting passed around to everyone but the people responsible, because I’ve felt like the punching bag the entire expansion because of this and other similar issues. It’s not a hard to see or hard to fix problem, so what exactly are we supposed to do about it? No amount of complaining helps here, it just gets buried by white knighting.

This is a player to player support forum with blue moderation that cant fix your issues or pass along your feedback.


This is also correct, but similarly not because of white-knighting-- because it’s the wrong place. Telling you the correct spot to post in is not passing the buck. It’s because their internal structure doesn’t allow for what you want it to do, so they make sure to point you to where you most need to be in order for your complaint to make an effect because it will be seen by the people that are actually involved with that aspect of the game, unlike game masters and in-game features that might stand to be changed.


My suggestion would be to post in the appropriate forum so the devs can see your thoughts on the matter. In this case, that would be the PvP Arena Forums.


Or to use the in-game suggestion system. It would be advisable - no matter how irritated you may be - to assume that a brand new person is seeing these issues from you, and to not let loose on a tirade in the process. Anything like this should be kept short and sweet.

THIS is the issue. THIS is what I think should be done. Raging at someone whose first interaction with you and letting loose all of your frustration on that poor soul isn’t constructive.

You’d be surprised. Because as soon as something is fixed? There are people and even companies who dive in to find a workaround to continue screwing things up for everyone else. There is no such thing as an ‘easy fix’. Not when there is a billion-dollar industry out there that is being well fed by our contemporaries. I don’t object to you being upset by all of this, but you really need to take a hard look and shift the blame to where it belongs. On the shoulders of our fellow players.