Is AV still going, coz its pretty dead on OC?

Outside of the holiday event, AV is dead on oceanic bg group. There is none or 1 active.
Whats the state in other battlegroups?

East coast USA it’s always up but horde queue time is 2 hours.


How many AV bgs usually up?

Usually like 2,lol.

Alliance wont que here for good reason as we have about a 2% win chance.

Last I checked we had about 15 running.

Yeh youre right, i was wrong.

looks like horde wins this map. the other BGs are still contested.

Alliance queue times are like 10 minutes, about the time it takes the Alliance to lose.

I’d love a 10 minute AV loss, most losses for me are 45+ minutes farming rep

You can’t lose faster than the horde wins, and it takes horde around 30-45m usually. Horde is waiting 2-3x as long to get the match as it does to play it.

East 2-5 minute queues alliance side depending on time

I don’t understand why anyone still does AV on alliance. Must be masochistic. The games aren’t remotely fun. And I have no clue how horde can sit in 2-hour queues either.

Well, my lock could use some of the rep, so I will probably end up sitting in the queues for a bit. That’s generally how it is now for everyone except the rankers. Will probably wait until AV weekend to do it though.