Is anyone home?

Hey all,

I used to play very frequently back in Wrath and Cataclysm on Feathermoon, and recently came back just before BfA. Back when I was active, this server (Feathermoon) had a huge Horde RP scene. I remember the old Baleyg city raids on the Alliance, some of the RP community had Facebook pages for their characters, many stories were written, and just a lot of fun was had.

Nowadays, I rarely see people Horde-side, let alone people RPing.

Are there any decent places a guy can find some RP now? Or would I be better off transferring to Wyrmrest Accord?


Unfortunately, I’ve not seen any Horde-side RP on FM for a while. If my memory serves correctly, it seemed to die out back in late Cata or so (I could be wrong on this, after my guild’s time as an RP guild ended I sort of stopped paying attention to RP on FM). I haven’t been to WRA for a few years, but I imagine there’s at least still an existing RP community there, so if you’re just looking for RP, going there might be your best bet.

Best of luck going forward!

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I’ve decided to stick around. Feathermoon is my home, even if it’s dead.




Still here.

Hey Fen!
Used to play as Erelisse in Errant Pride way back in 2011! Lost all of my toons and had to start again but I’m coming back to give Classic a chop.

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Ooooh I remember you! I also used to raid with Errant Pride! I loved you guys!

Where are you rolling on Classic? I’ll be on Grobbulus.

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Got talking to Alanth a couple of days ago actually - going to roll on Grobbulous too :slight_smile: seems like a lot of the Feathermoon crew are heading there!

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I talked to someone from the Thundering Hammer Clan on the Grobbulus discord, and they’re rolling there too!

How interesting to come across your post! I just came back home after 7 years away. Sorry about 2012 but I’m doing much better and a lot more stable. If you see me, please say hello!

I play alliance on Scarlet Crusade/Feathermoon and Horde on Wyrmrest Accord. I never see RP at all on alliance side of SC/Feathermoon, but I see tons of it on WRA horde side. If RP is your thing then I would say you’ll have far more luck finding it on WRA.

Old Baleyg! That’s a name I have not heard in a while. I also recently came back and found the server I loved pretty much dead. Very sad. So many lost stories. Nine Princes, Sugar Daddy Fens horde, Adapt and Overcome and the list keeps going.

Hoofington here

Hey all, the blood elf formerly known as the orc Fenshire here. I ended up transferring over to WrA about a year and a half ago. It’s been okay, but nothing like how Feathermoon used to be back in Wrath and early Cata.

I really miss this server’s glory days. I wish I had a time machine. :frowning:

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I remember you!! :slight_smile: Tootsiegames here!

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