Is anybody left out there?

I joined this server about a week ago, as a place I could come to level at a slower pace and avoid the overcrowding of my main server. In the time I’ve been here I’ve seen maybe 10 other players. The only topic that made it from the old forums proclaims this to be a dead server. I’m not complaining, I chose this. I’m just curious if there’s anybody out there at all, or is it just me and one other guy with 9 alts?

I don’t really expect anyone to see this post, but if you’re out there and you’re looking for friends on this realm I’m online quite a bit. Feel free to say hello!

anybody here?

In Memory of Ravenholdt!

yeah, I think it’s just us.

Wha’cha doin’? Is ol’ Ravenholdt still x-realmed with all the other RP realms?

Re-roll a new character on a new server? Duh.

Hi how goes it?

I venture in here from time to time… Hi’ya!


Well , this is nostalgic…but I’m not sure I like it. My fondest memory of Peeks is of gnome punting…<3

Sup dawg. A lot of the OG folk aren’t here anymore. Some migrated to WrA or Moonguard for various reasons. A lot of us are on Twitter, you can find most of them there under their character name, myself and another ED’er go by our IRL names.

Taking advantage of the free three days are you?

Edit: Apparently, it’s too early to post on the forums because I thought this was ED. lmao

After all this time away from WoW, and I’m still living rent free in people’s heads. Feels good man. Feels good.

I’ve actually been on wra for more time than i was on RH at this point. Just decided to drop by the old realm forum here and see what was up.

Whole lot of nothing, so sad. I’m Not much of a wra/mg fan, but there’s just nowhere to go.

WoW isnt what it used to be. It’s parts Blizz, parts new players lack of maturity, and big parts the OG grew up and moved on.

Was just looking up some Classic stuff and thought of you all. Sad to see it go from a tiny community to a non-existent one.

Shout out to any of my old SnD or Hellz Vengeance (lol “Viper’s Guild”) comrades still around.

Maybe I’ll level an allied race or something here for old time’s sake, now that I’m the filthiest of casuals.

Ravenholdt will always be my OG home, and I have fond memories even of the weird stuff and the villains. Remember our 15 minutes of fame “thanks” to Abhorrent Taboo? Trade chat with Cefka… the good ol’ days when life was simpler.

I remember those epic 3-4 hour fights on Q_Q Island vs Kiitsa hunters and SnD.