Is any class actually fun to play?

thinking of SL…sitting here wondering what is fun to play…

I realize that with huge nerf waves, fundamental class changes, and clunky GCD - it is tough finding a class that actually plays well.

Another interesting aspect: classes changed so much this xpat with secondary stats. Making it hard to tell if you actually like the class or not. I guess it comes down to lore/rp maybe.

how did you decide to play your class?

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There aren’t any “fun” classes to play right now. The homogenization of all the classes made them all play practically the same. You can master any class/spec in a week or two. I’ve taken to just going from alt to alt to try and keep things interesting. Other than that, nothing strikes a good note of fun to continuously play. There used to be an art to mastering your SPEC. Not your class, just your spec. That’s been gone since Cataclysm with the advent of the moba class design where it’s “here’s your 3 choices, that’s it” model. I played my Enh Sham since Vanilla, cata is when it started to go down hill. Now it’s just a spam build with no choice. I’m still hoping that with SL that it’s changing at least somewhat for the better, but until I get access, I’m not putting my money on it.


i play shaman every season

enh looks really fun in shadowlands
ele looks like it will play pretty similar

just wait till prepatch and test stuff out


So ask anyone who knows me I’ve been flip flopping for years on class choice, so I’ve spent a lot of time considering the nuances of this.

The last time I had any real fun with multiple classes in one xpac was WoD.

My last project led me to try Fury. On paper, it ticked all the boxes I was looking for. But in practice, I didn’t hit the mark.

Now I’m maining Frost Mage and having a blast. Despite the squishiness, I love the control and lockdown potential against melee, and it’s very visually satisfying to boot.

Long story short, sometimes what you THINK you should enjoy turns out to not be the case. Sometimes you have to branch out and see what surprises you.

But yes, the vast majority of what made most specs fun to play has been pruned or altered too much.


nope you might as well quit. all your post are woe is me crybaby threads where you are looking for confirmation bias.


Spriest is looking to be actually really fun with this new rework. Atleast on paper. Even a few different play styles you can play as spriest with these changes.

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I personally find Hunter and Mage really fun to play

I’m a fan of having a lot of control though and being able to potentially carry or throw a game


I still enjoy rogue. It’s not the big brain class it used to be for sure, but it looks like sub is coming back in shadowlands and looks good so far.

I like playing specs that have good utility and hit-and-run windows, so sub has been pretty fun for me. I danced between survival/arms/ret, but haven’t commited to them because their cloak levels are in the single digit region.

Main reason why I like sub rogue cuz play making is fun and losing games by having a bad shadowy duel is super fun.

I’ve been enjoying Windwalker a lot

it’s my first season playing one so I know it’s considered a shell of its former self but by BfA standards it’s way more rewarding than any other melee I’ve played this expansion

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fun is an opinion


Personally survival has been a ton of fun to play. I haven’t really tried anything else recently cause of how crappy the grind has been to catch up.


Restoration druid is always fun one way or another. It’s a healer with stealth. The possibilities are endless.

I like shaman icons


Although H-pal is extremely broken, I really enjoy the “fast pace melee healer” style of it.

I hope CS granting HP for Holy in Shadowlands makes melee paladin a potential play style as I find healers with more dps buttons a lot of fun.

Wish WotC was better tuned for monks too, as their current playstyle is boring as heck.

Warriors and Spriest seem like they could be a lot of fun with what’s been shown on Beta and the abilities changes they plan to get back.

Demon Hunter is fun in the sense it has cool buttons to press. Always moving, always doing something and it’s OP in World PvP which is nice but it does get repetitive.

In BFA everything is kindof bland at this point, I have hopes in Shadowlands for:

  1. Melee Holy Paladin
  2. Mastery changes for Arms Warriors
  3. SPriest void form changes
  4. Rogue Covenant abilities

i enjoy every single class and every single spec, thats not sarcasm… if i could I would have every class max level so i can play them all, im a true altoholic.

but what i really really really freaking hate is the gearing system. its so bad. if you like alts this game really isnt for you.

Unholy Death Knight is really fun for me. Warrior is looking to be really fun again in Shadowlands. I’m learning how to play a Rogue as well and they are super enjoyable.

I think there’s still a bunch of fun classes in the game, but not to the magnitude that there used to be. Regardless, it’s all subjective.

Survival is fun.

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imo every class has something enjoyable, and you should consider which comps you find appealing

Survival Hunter has been one of the most stupidly fun things I’ve played in a while. It’s an interesting kit with a ton of control. Definitely worth checking out if you want to try something new!

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