Is Against Overwhelming Odds removed?

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Let me quote myself here…

Anyone know the answer to this? Should I complete it but turn it in next week? :laughing:


The way it was worded in the interview, the quest is only present when there is an “overwhelming” faction imbalance, hence the name of the quest. They don’t state what that threshold was but I would imagine that the slider being at 10/15% currently, 10% for horde, 15% for alliance, that it is no longer considered overwhelming disparity and thus the quest is not given.

So as Ion stated in the interview, the whole point of the quest was to incentivize alliance members to hunt down horde who had only turned on warmode for the benefits of the buff, not because they wanted to PvP. The whole system seems to have been wildly successful as a whole and brought the slider to a great spot.

The whole need for this quest, is that a large portion of horde, who had NO interest in world PvP at all were turning on warmode simply because it was a free 10% buff with almost no risk. Even when Alliance was given the 30% buff, those very large amounts of people who warmode was NOT meant for, kept it on just for the buff because it was still not threatening enough in the world, thus keeping the horde warmode numbers up in total drastically compared to the Alliance. Enter against overwhelming odds, Alliance players are now incentivized to go out and actually hunt horde, not just run into them. Horde players (again who have this feature ON, despite probably not wanting world PvP) who are annoyed by PvP start to die, and decide to turn it off.

What then happens is the Alliance not interested in world PvP turn off their (alliance’s) warmode, after making other horde players also not interested in world PvP turn off their (horde’s) warmode. Thus leaving only the people who actually want to be doing world PvP, in warmode.

You can argue that the gear was overdone all you want and how Blizzard catered to the Alliance, but the fact of the matter is what they did was absolutely brilliant in terms of planning, and literally fixed the whole issue, which took months to develop, in a single week, without needing to do something as clunky as “everybody’s warmode is now off, please turn it back on if you wish to remain in world PvP”.

Just as a note, the quest is only available to people when the other faction has an overwhelming disparity. It appears to have been bugged and people who were sitting at the NPC 5 minutes before weekly reset were able to pick it up for this week, but it is NOT available this week to Alliance who missed that small what appears to be time gap.

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Keyword being “Overwhelming”. Lots of Horde turned it off cause of the gear and camping resulting from the reward. Its no longer overwhelming based on last week.

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If you haven’t turned it in by reset you don’t get credit … it should be same like CoA. It resets every week

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Yea, we’ll see about that next week. If this stays stable, then sure it was a good move. But today is reset day and most Alliance are probably going to log on looking for that quest.


We just tweeted this out a few minutes ago on this topic:

Ah crapper. Alliance WM is only 15% again. Back to WM off lol
Where's my 400 i lvl gear?
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HA! Beat you to it!


Thanks for the confirmation.
Now we know that it isn’t a bug.

I guess the ilvl 400 cache from last weeks AOO really got a lot of alliance to turn on WM lol


What is that thing running through your chars profile picture lol

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And so Alliance won’t flag for warmode this week, leading to the return of AOO next week. Then the bonus goes down the week after and AOO isn’t available.

Rinse and repeat. At least it won’t be every week, just every other week.

/moo :cow:


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I was slow at breakfast, heh, and I saw your post but wanted to make sure it was out there. Thanks for sharing it!


Well, the quest was called “Against Overwhelming Odds”, which implies the side is outnumbered. I assume the wm 30% reward for alliance helped offset the difference in numbers.

I for one will still be in Zandalar this week with WM on. See you hordies at the warfront.

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Because he care about the gear.

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No problem! Hope you had a great breakfast!

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its not even PVP, since anyone can still do arenas and such. Its only WPVP which is just ganking people 5v1 and such. Why turn on grief-mode unless there is incentives to put up with it?

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You guys need to accept the reality that you will never see the same rewards. It was an inventive of the under population side, which the Horde won’t be. Now that they nerfed the quest reward and the bonus is down to 15%, the Alliance participation in WM will drop like a rock.

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Because when it’s not a gankfest it’s actually fun. WM was fun once… before Alliance got discouraged we had some fun battles.

This farming/camping though is not what WM is supposed to be. Both sides are guilty of this and we need to stop.

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I was able to complete it before it dropped to 15%.

So WM off again until it’s offered.

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So, it was fun when it was 90% Horde? Of course!!! So long as you were Horde.

So, long story short: WPVP isn’t very fun when the sides are more balanced? Says a lot about it now doesn’t it?