Ah crapper. Alliance WM is only 15% again. Back to WM off lol

(Lucifuge) #123

Why even bother with War Mode to begin with? Come visit the Goldshire Inn, where our Love Mode operates twenty-hours a day, seven days a week. I guarantee you’ll leave far more satisfied then any contrived PvP could ever make you feel.

Use my name at the front desk for a half off coupon on your first massage.



people use WM for something other than the XP buff for leveling?

(Clasmenethil) #125

Lucifuge Do you support nerfering Horde Racials ? To get more players for Alliance .

(Whitecrow) #126


So basically, a ton of extra Alliance participated last week.
Likely because of the 400 piece. (Heck, we had Horde players temporarily transferring to Alliance last week because of the 2+ pieces of 400ilvl gear silliness.)

But even still with all of that Horde QQ across he forums, it turns out they still had a slight numbers advantage last week?

It’s really interesting. From all the QQ you were hearing from Horde players about being “camped” by Alliance all the time You would have thought the disparity in numbers was on the Horde side finally. But it turns out the odds were as close to “even” as it’s probably been since launch.

(Lucifuge) #127

If racials are the only reason you play a particular Faction or Race, then I’m afraid you’re all ready far too gone to be saved. The only flavour of the month should be the one that stirs your passions and fills you with ecstatic bliss.


(Clasmenethil) #128

Ok Then Warmode goes off… Not going to be walking bait for Horde players to get free gear.

(Kwashiorkor) #129

I guess the “good” news is that the factions are somewhat balanced in war mode. The bad news is that now alliance will just turn it off again…

(Clasmenethil) #130

As I said You Horde want us to keep it on we need a reason for it to be worth it aka the 400 gear and 30 percent bonus.

(Chacoco) #131

I need a reason to turn on, too.

(Lucifuge) #132

Will this do?


(Clasmenethil) #133

Horde dosent need one you guys have advatange in every aspect of game.

From plot to story to Faction Numbers and guilds.

You guys dont get a reason we Alliance deserve something to even the odds. Its not fair you Horde get everything in this game… Even the Developers love you and hate us Alliance.


I accept these terms of surrender.

… there’s like, 5 HEs left?

(Sinelus) #135

But then WM would be dead completely. True WPWPrs would complain there’s no one to kill.

  1. I don’t think people should be rewards free items for turning on War Mode, it’s the wrong way to incentive people and doesn’t really work, because PvE players will enable WM only to get free welfare and then turn it off again after the quest is done;

  2. In my opinion, there shouldn’t be a bonus Exp/AP/Gold/Resources, at all. Not for Horde, not for Alliance. In practice, people will turn WM on when it’s convenient and turn it off after they got what they wanted. Real world PvP isn’t happening because of these buffs.

  3. I do think, however, that the overwhelmed faction should get a bonus % damage/healing/health, so they have a fighting chance. Alliance is outnumbered and the only way 10 Alliance players can fight against 20 Horde players is if each of those 10 Alliance players are as strong as 2 Horde players.

Yes, I do realize that will generate negative feedback, specially in those rare 1v1 scenarios, where the Horde player lost because the Alliance one had +75% damage/healing/health and killed him with two GCDs, but at least it’s something that affects only PvP, it doesn’t reward free anything for PvE players…

(Spotti) #137

Yeah I get the premise behind it but I was half-expecting to be able to be like Alleria, where you could be the normal skinned elf, but have a special transformation into a dark blue void-form like she does. Having to go from blue to dark blue takes away from that effect, at least for me but if you and others enjoy it, that’s fine with me. I think though they had a great opportunity that was missed.


This sort of reminds me of playing a Blood DK back in Tol Barad when you’d have 12 horde beating on you and you had so much vengeance stacked up you were just one shot Death Striking clothies.


It’s funny too because the Horde who transferred to Alliance to take advantage of the gear, are the same ones who are killing their fellow Horde just for the ilvl. We see which side is truly honorable and dedicated. Now they go back home to Horde and QQ… Alliance do not deserve it.

(Sincubus) #140

I admit it would be neat to have a Worgen-esque change. Might help quiet down the pro-high elf people if they could look fair skinned out of combat but get changed while in combat.


Making sure this is seen here: