Is Against Overwhelming Odds removed?

(Corilan) #184

If only people could see passed their own bias and look at the grander scale then they might actually read your words.

(Hankypanky) #185

I never did any of that.

But ok, Alliance.


You still have the quest; I know someone who still has the 400 version of the quest from last week. I don’t know if you can turn it in.

(Yayayayayaya) #187

Most important point on WM, why it’s a failure and always will be. It was a good concept in theory but they have no idea how to implement it efficiently. They don’t care to invest in their 15 year old infrastructure to fix sharding issues, so I’ll never care to turn it on on either faction.

(Raabititus) #188

You’re the perfect player for warmode! You like the danger of the wpvp environment, and get enjoyment from it.

But I must ask, do you think the incentives should be trashed?


We talked about this in the Q&A last week that if it does get offered again it will likely be a 385 item level reward.

(Vixie) #190

I kinda remember Bornakk’s old avatar was an orc. That could be misdirection or representation. Pretty sure Blizz employees play both factions like we do. Especially CMs so they can experience both sides.


The problem is, players COULD pick it up for about 45 minutes when reset happened. So now you’re just screwing people over who weren’t on AT reset.

(Lightbreeze) #192

The real question is, why not have warmode on at all times? I do on my alliance characters, heck I did not even do the quest.

(Tinyblast) #193

Oh definitely I don’t think there should be any incentive in WPVP. The only problem is in my opinion not as many Alliance enjoy WPVP and that we will always be vastly outnumbered in it. The 400 gear was just to good for them not to turn it on for a little bit.

(Idun) #194

What you want doesn’t matter. Farming and camping has been in wpvp since the game started. War Mode doesn’t change that fact.

(Pharsalus) #195

Umm has PvP NOT awarded people with gear, titles, mounts, et al up to this point?

(Hankypanky) #196

Why are you guys so stuck on the idea it has to be this way?

Also, why are you trying to impress this ideal onto others who don’t think that way?


Go ahead and reduce the rewards and Horde will once again be the only one’s doing WM as a general rule. As it is, the reduction this week means when I log in my main I will be taking WM off.

(Flashelas) #198

What the hell did you expect, fair fights? This is world pvp, it’s designed to be as useless as possible.

(Tidalwave) #199

Well Emissary rewards are capped at 385 (barring wf/tf). Most people won’t be replacing that welfare 400 piece from last week until the next tier…

(Jugajr) #200

Do what you gotta do. This is why they never should have gave that level reward in the first place.

(Idun) #201

Stuck what way? Incentives for turning on War Mode? There shouldn’t be any, since they encourage people who only want the bonuses to turn it on. PvP servers didn’t have bonuses, after all.

Stuck with camping and farming? Blizzard permits it. Good luck trying to get them to change it.

Is it bad behavior? Yes. Wpvp, at its core, is about cruelty and selfishness. Does Blizzard know this? Yes. Do players take advantage of it? Yes. Do same players get their feelings hurt because “it’s just a game” when the cruelty is pointed out? Yes.

But they keep doing it, and Blizzard keeps enabling them.

If you want it to change, push Blizzard to remove all buffs from War Mode. “But it’ll be a ghost town!” Then it’s a ghost town.

(Óbvious) #202

well, we know how to get it back now do we alliance? /turns off WM and snickers


Exactly, and on both sides. Keeping war mode on throughout 8.0 as Alliance when we were grossly outnumbered was great fun and a great challenge.

Some of us managed to keep a positive kill ratio anyway. Alliance who kept war mode on through the worst days of 8.0 really got a chance to hone our world PVP skills.

It would be nice to have some recognition that we managed to survive that, if Blizzard has the records. Maybe a title so I could recognize other Alliance who managed to survive the worst of the worst, so we could swap war stories.