Is A Living Legend Classic

Anyone from the original classic/ BC era coming back for the release? I would consider coming back if we could get some of the band back together. I would love to clear all the raids again.


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Hey Kagark, I use to raid on my friends account when we lived together back in Vanilla. I was the Warlock Bansheebang. I was there for all the guild first kills except Chrom and Nef, since I moved shortly before we got to them.

I was going to post this in the other thread someone made in 2016 but it was locked since the forums were updated. Thought you guys might enjoy the few things I still have saved from Vanilla.

Our 8 Locks in MC aptly named ‘Ghostbusters’

The morning after server maintenance I got High Warlord part 1

part 2

One of my last raids. I think we had just killed Firemaw in BWL

The last thing I have is a video of our first Hakkar kill. Zebriz recorded our first Rag kill too but I either lost it or never got around to downloading and saving it, sadly.

I’ll def be trying out classic but idk how serious I will get with it. Either way best of luck with the guild and whoever is still playing or will be returning. Vanilla sure was a blast and I made a lot of great memories, in large part because of my time in ‘Is a Living Legend’.

Hey kag, I know it’s late but myself, sarafin, steelenigma, and kornstarch are currently viewing this post. We are trying to get the crew back together for classic wow. It comes out tomorrow and the current plan is to role on Herod. My battletag is Raxanterax#1367. Hope you find this or any other former ILL players that want to join up please add me. I hope to see you again someday, friends.

Hiya banshee, you going to going to be coming with the ILL group? Feel free to contact me! Long time since I saw that name =)

We ended up swapping to sulfuras with terrible herod que times.

If I start playing classic I’ll join your server and look you up. I’ll be pretty casual for a while though. I have a lot of projects I’m working on at the moment.


I remember when you hit High Warlord, man. Do you remember Vahz and Banlar?