data: Classic population dropped 24k (-6.5%) in one week

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Details! Damage Meter

Jul 15, 2021

1.2 million downloads of ONE specific update of ONE addon. Players in China don’t get their addons from curse so they’re not included in that number. Not everyone updates their addons all the time. Not everyone uses Details and not everyone even uses addons.

Think. Stop listening to youtubers who make their living off of providing fake news.


Ah yes, the speculative video with pseudo math.

Have you seen FF’s logs? (logs being what Bell used in that video)

They have hundreds of parses compared to WoW’s thousands.

As I said before, your claim is unsubstantiated, thank you for the discussion though.


I’m finding Dragoon very enjoyable. Such an iconic class. But what I’m really looking forward to is the Reaper. That just looks sick.


FF doesn’t have official addons. And a lot of players don’t give a damn about endgame.

Yes they do.

The same is true for WoW. Bellular himself said that only 10% of players participate in endgame… in the video that you yourself linked.

If you haven’t even watched the video you brought up yourself, then I’m afraid there’s not much more to say here on my end. Have a good day Niak, you’re welcome to believe whatever you want.


No they don’t, FF does not support addons. You can download a parser but it’s a third party program and most people don’t use it.


Even Willie seems to be treading down that path right now. The whole video about adhering to YouTube’s algorithm really had my neural walnuts roasting.

This video takes ALL of Blizzards IP’s into consideration. WoW Classic and Retail, Hearthstone, Overwatch, etc. FF14 may have 20 million registered accounts, what does wow have? I’m sure they passed 100 million a long time ago.


That doesn’t matter, we talking about present, wow once had 12 mil subscribers now it’s below 2.

The one small garden of a free gardener was all his need and due, not a garden swollen to a realm; his own hands to use, not the hands of others to command.

No it isn’t.

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The majority of the players who leave now due to low content will probably come back when Phase 2 drops, maybe even most of them, because they know that SSC/TK is going to be hella fun, and they won’t be able to stand it.

And those who don’t think that SSC/TK will be hella fun, well, good riddance, IMO.


Yes it is, show me better data or its my word against yours.

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Anecdotal: Every week I put up 10 stacks of Mana Pots for the Tuesday raiders.

Every week they sell.

Except yesterday. Not 1 stack sold.

People are giving up on TBC.

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Sure is!

I know many people who would faction change if it was offered to fix this ridiculous imbalance. This one is on blizzard.

Merge Herod and Pagle. What a joke.

The bottom line here is…

Activision = China

China = 0 Covid cases, haha… more like no-one smart enough to figure out how to report the figures.

What a riot! See you fv ckers in Northrend… for a month or so.

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the classic drop after p6 release was bigger than 6.5% so… you dont want to rush TBC.

Well, its a measure of how many characters are raiding. So, among the more hardcore, people are slowing down and maybe leaving.

Last I heard they have under a million active subscribers. Do you have a real source for a number that matters? Cause Blizz was bragging about having a 100 million accounts registered years ago. Not meaningful today.

He also uses a measure of active hardcore players. And with first year data compared to Legion and BfA. You could say WoD blew the doors off because it got 10 million at release. The advertising department should have all gotten raises and promotions for that.

Its not an accident they switched as numbers were falling and were clearly never going to return anywhere near the halcyon days of 12 million subs. Sure they should have switched sooner, but do you really think they would’ve stopped if subs went to 20 mill? Increasing their profit per active player isn’t a great advertisement for the game. Hyping everyone else is playing it is.

You’re talking about the most hardcore of players here and no one ever accused FF of being for them. He starts with scanning the armory for any character that is updated to find how many active players there are. This is what wowrealmpopulation uses and you can see a total character pop at the bottom of their front page. This is most likely close to the real number of active characters but how many does each subscriber have?

And none of this really matters but I do believe WoW is probably hanging around a couple million subscribers and not going much higher from here on out.

Yep, at first i was worried same-faction BGs might have influenced populations, but that doesnt really make any sense for a metric based on raid logs. If anything, the longer we go the more likely that alts would appear on logs, so its possible the drop is even worse.

I already did:

Between July 15th and August 11th, there were 1.2 million downloads of Details. If you include Recount (people only use one DPS meter if you didn’t know) then that’s over 1.5 million downloads.

1.5 million unique downloads. How do you revise this number in a way that supports your claim that there’s:

Not everyone uses DPS meters.
Not everyone updates those DPS meters, yet in less than a month there was 1.2 million unique downloads of ONE UPDATE of Details.
Players in China do not get their addons off curse. They’re not included in that number.

If you look back to Warlords of Draenor and look to July of 2015, when we knew the subs were at 5.5-5.6 million, you’ll see that Skada (most popular DPS addon of that time) had 1.25 million downloads from their most downloaded update at that time:

Skada Damage Meter

Jul 4, 2015

The difference? The time between that release and the next full release was 8 months

Mar 22, 2016

Between July 4, 2015 and March 22, 2016 Skada had 1.25 million downloads.
Between July 15, 2021 and August 11, 2021 Details had 1.18 million downloads.

You can look at DBM full release downloads too:

Jul 2, 2015

Jul 6, 2015

Aug 1, 2021

Aug 18, 2021

Notice the correlation here? WoW subs without even including TBC Classic players are likely around the 5 million range.