Ironforge Portal

The only portal in the game is in Boralus. If I have characters that didn’t level through BFA, I don’t have a portal to Ironforge.

Can Blizz please put a portal in the portal room like it should have been from the start?

Thanks :slight_smile:


tram. FP. Mage.

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<1 minute portal, NOT 15 minute tram. FP. Mage…

The Dwarven commission decided not enough toll money was coming from the Tram so they removed the portal so more players would use the Tram… They however forgot to setup Toll Booths to collect money to use the Tram.


Don’t take this as me whiteknighting but if you do the starter quest in Boralus, it’s the third or 4th quest to open your portals. I know it’s annoying that they keep removing portals all the time but those are easy to open. Hope it helps.

But we’ve never had an Ironforge portal in Stormwind?

Wouldn’t stop me I’d just walk under the turnstyle

Gnome ftw!

FPs make perfect bathroom breaks! SW to pandaland to sha of anger or n’zoth invasion is perfect bio time and the SW to IF one can include a hotpocket tossed in microwave.