Iron Tusk Guild

Hello all-

I used to run with a guild on Bladefist when it first came online called Iron Tusk, and a few of us will be coming back for Classic.

I played a dwarf hunter “Glyndoryn” and I’m looking to meet up with anyone from that guild, or that time, or anyone else who would like to join.

I remember playing vanilla on bladefist, but googling tells me I’m wrong. iirc however, quite a few of us had the drake fire amulet and the cloak for Ony, the Kel Thuzad unlocks, we helped a paladin with his mount, the event when stormwind was attacked by Doom Lord Kazzak - so many memories pre BC lol.

If you’d like to join us in Classic we will be on the server Pagle, I’m playing a human warrior “Joecool” this time around.

A (very) few names I remember were

I’m hopeful to reconnect with some old friends, and look forward to making new ones.