IPv6 support in retail World of Warcraft

I know, I know. People might ask “What does it matter?”.

For some people it might. Take my situation for instance, I’m on T-Mobile Home Internet (which supports IPv6 via their “true native, dual-stack implementation.”) and have to deal with ~60% packet loss over IPv4. It’s not just WoW, it’s everywhere, unfortunately.

My IPv6 packet loss is roughly ~1%. (ping ipv6 dot google dot com)

WoW Classic has this implemented correctly, both IPv6 on Home / World, but it’s still broken in Shadowlands. Home reports IPv6 while World reports IPv4.

As this post mentions, IPv6 “should work if implemented correctly server-side”: IPv6 Rarely Available in SL - #2 by Jambrix

In January 2020, it was posted that the IPv6 setting doesn’t work. Maybe that’s changed, because it looks like the setting works, but the backend implementation doesn’t: Known Technical Support Issues - Updated July 21, 2020 - #12 by Drakuloth

Can we please prioritize ensuring IPv6 works for world servers? It has consistently performed well on Classic.

It’s random which one you’ll connect to. Sometimes, you’ll log in and both with be IPv6, sometimes it’s 4/6, sometimes 6/6, etc. If you’re having that much packet loss on IPv4, then you’ve got something else going on with either your firewall, router or other settings and softwares running.

It’s all devices, directly to the modem. It’s a T-Mobile issue for sure. And I’ve never seen IPv6 on World when it came to retail. Very consistent on Classic though.

How do you check?

Yes I’ve noticed that I almost never connect to IPv6 world for DF zones or dungeons, but older continents it seems fine. This also seems to apply to busy cities such as Orgrimmar so I wonder if maybe there is a load issue on their end that prefers IPv4.

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