Ion's Thoughts on Permanent Water Elemental Removal

I enjoy pets so I disliked the removal of water elemental. However, the conjuring idea that’s being talked about sounds cool, so I hope they reintroduce conjuring to mages in other forms if anything.

Still true.


NGL I absolutely hated the perma frost pet. It made me not want to play a mage ever. It wasn’t until I started becoming a PVE player instead of PVP where Lonely Winter was the optimal choice to take I really began to own the idea of becoming a frost mage.

So… either way I’m glad it just comes out during IV now and I feel the aesthetics of the entire game benefits

Good to see that this is still going strong! Thanks for showing Blizz how much the community cares (well… has strong feelings for or against, at least) about Bubbles the Water Elemental, and the eternal companionship that permanent pets bring to the game.

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Given the hero talent trees, I’d be shocked if we’re not getting bubbles back, or a system to just summon TONs of them like a demo lock as archmage could sustain 3 out at once. We’ll see. The rework might have been some weird way of taking something away and giving it back as something better. I’d like to see the trees though, I haven’t really been tuning in.

Don’t like bubbles? pick a different hero class!

If they are doing this, I’d love to see the glyphs for welly come back and be usable or customization options in barber. As well as the new thing still be affected by the Thorghast powers I didn’t know existed for welly ( just looked at my DPS with bubbles I thought the devs didn’t care, so never brought it into Torghast).

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Please leave feedback here on the official Q&A:

It closes soon but the more questions about the pet, the better.

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Literally hundreds of people on reddit threads disagree with you given the likes they had (remember posts go to 0 if they’re disliked more than liked, comments can go negative, so assuming dislikes from haters like you, there could be many more). The usage was low because it was a no brainer given the numbers difference.

That design is counter to normal design across wow. Normally, an active ability should have higher numbers. Blizzard likes to reward active vs. passive play and for some crazy reason they chose not to for this ability in particular. The design of water elemental was anamalous.


I never really liked the pet TBH. Though it does help for levelling. I don’t think it’s a big deal but like I said I never was a big fan of it.

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no, im very happy they removed it, also who necroed this thread, you clown?


Doesn’t matter. They’ve shoe-horned their Quest for Bubbles into most other mage threads at this point lol

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You guys derail as much to attack water elemental lovers as others do to to ask for it back. The thread had fallen at least half way down our front page with most the action happening in hero talent threads when tuts decided to bump it. Stop acting like the victims. Literally seen some of you cherry pick parts of posts to talk about welly instead of actually talk about hero talents. Which is the pressing thing that matters. This community is garbage. This thread should be seeing no action in favor of discussions on the system that’s coming to the class.

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Just report them all for spam. After 5 months there’s no reason this still an issue (and the players who said they’d quit because of it are still sticking around like a moist sock).

It was fine when it was just 1 or 2 threads, but they’ve now created 13-14 of them and are derailing legitimate threads. I know a few players who frequent these forums have been adding these players to ignore, but it seems they’ve now resorted to jumping on alts to bump up their likes and mass-report the posts of people who disagree with them.

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Wow, that’s so terrible. Can you link all of those 13-14 threads? Or are you just making stuff up?

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I was sad when frost mage turned into a pet caster. Like if you wanna play and micro manage pets and be a caster warlock is there for you

Nothing was more annoying than water eles slow attacks breaking poly or it going in LOS so you cant freeze.


In fairness there’s no non-dark caster fantasy like that. Some people don’t like being an edge lord. Also Warcraft mage lore is unique. There’s nothing wrong with the fact people want to lean into the Jaina/modera side of things. What sucks is that frost keeps oscillating and changing its mind. For a while now the devs have obviously not wanted us to take it because it hasn’t been competitive in YEARS. Druids get better management on their forms + new ones, and now, a whole line of our glyphs were obliterated unceremoniously.

  1. Splitting Ice is worse, you have no control over the secondary target.

  2. This can all still happen when IV is active. And when’s the last time you’ve used poly? I haven’t had to poly in ages. I forget where it is on my bar when I actually need it, that’s how little I’ve used it. Was it really that hard to hit ctrl+1 on the non-cced target before casting? I didn’t have any game-breaking instances with freeze being out of ele’s LOS when it was in mine. It’s also only useful in PVP and maybe some M+ trash pulls. Tops.

We’ve also had 2 whole specs dedicated to not having pets and 90% of the time they’re stronger anyway.

I’m tired of hearing about it and I don’t care about the fate of the water elemental, but I take issue with this. The forums are a place where players should be allowed to freely discuss the game. In this particular case, this is a thread clearly devoted to water elemental. Everyone should be allowed to use this thread to talk about water elemental (even if their opinion is “I’m glad it’s gone”). To quote Blizzard’s own Forum Code of Conduct:

These forums are here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss ideas, give game play advice, role-play, and converse about any other aspects of Blizzard games with other players.

The issue, however, is exactly what Tuckletuts brought up: This conversation has spread like a plague from this thread into many of the other threads in our forum. We had a fair amount of activity in the last few days, but around this time last week, I think 4 of the first 10 threads were explicitly about Water Elemental and about 4 more of the other 6 had a comment referencing it.

To quote the Code of Conduct again, here are some things that are against the rules:

  • Excessively communicating the same phrase, similar phrases, or pure gibberish
  • Creating threads for the sole purpose of causing unrest on the forums
  • Creating threads about existing topics
  • Creating a separate thread about an existing topic for further discussion in more than one forum

So please, continue to have your discussion about the elemental. You have every right to. But please also realize that we don’t need to read a post about it in every thread. I recognize that this is an important conversation for some players, but the amount of bloat that has appeared in the forums about it (and all the weird nicknames it’s suddenly gained) is making players who are indifferent to the cause start wanting the elemental to be permanently gone just to spite the players who keep posting about it.

I’m an arcane mage. This fight doesn’t concern me. Please let me be ignorant to it.


Scrolling through the last 7 days I see:

1 necro of a really old Jan thread.

1 on the hero talents (which is legitimately different)

This one (the main conversation). Only one of those bumps could have been spam, the first. I’d hardly call that excessive. The person who necro’d it was different than the people who responded. Though I also hate necro threads.

Though, keep in mind, as people gradually trickle back after the rework, you’re going to get some natural level of some rando just barely learning about it and whining about it, just like we get a trickle of “New X mage, need help” threads. in fact we have I think more of those than discussion on WE. A good moderator would aggregate the thread if the people making the new posts are legitimately different accounts.

The fun part is that not all of the posts about the elemental mention it in their topic - at least one of them is a bait and switch (there may have been another but I don’t feel like reading all the posts again). I may have miscounted and it may be only 3 dedicated threads, but they’re all notably authored by the same person.

New players coming back are fine. Necro’ing some older threads are tolerable. It’s a problem when the same 2 or 3 players are making new threads / the same post repeatedly. There are a handful of names now - who I won’t mention - that when I see that they’re the one posting, I know exactly what it’s going to be about before I read it.

Regarding moderation, it’s pretty clear that the Mage forums are unmoderated and I’ve never seen one of those “Community Council Members” say anything. If there is active moderation here, I would’ve expected to see a certain few names quietly disappear from the forums over the past couple of years, but that’s not the case.

Regardless, I’m going to shut up now. This thread is about the water elemental. I’ve shared my grievances about seeing too many posts about it, but this thread shouldn’t be stopped from talking about it.


The Jan one was not. It was originally asking for a pet tank.

I do appreciate your honesty. I think I found another that was talking about blizzcon q and a, but it’s also talking about that as well so it feels somewhat distinct. Probing back further the next thread was from someone other than them or Nelluced, one of the most prolific responders (nelluced doesn’t make a lot of threads on this forum, just responses).

The risk to our class is for whiplash. If i had to guess, we’ve had 3 distinct devs i know of. Mop era and previous who was seemingly pro pet, wod-sl who was anti, letting water elemental rot. I think df is distinct because they didn’t bring back features from legion that would have helped in arcane management. If i had to guess they’re an employee from that company that made spellbreak.

Who’s to say the next dev won’t be super pro pet and throw frost back the other way? If we get a dev who cares about our lore again, it might throw the rest of the community through a loop. The way i see it is that we’ve had devs with strong opinions and the community has had to just deal. The gameplay on mage now is excellent i’m guessing due to the skill of the spellbreak dev. It’d be nice if mages had a dev that tried to find a way to make everyone happy, giving anti pet and pro pet players enough options to not feel like they’re in a constant struggle. It doesn’t help that historically mage hasn’t had a lot of attention since mop, so there’s probably some zero sum game going on the the psyche of the community.

There is a balance druid pet spec with treants next xpac, or just being hunter.

In my opinion we dont have ENOUGH caster\range classes that dont require pet management.

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