IOC needs fixed

Hanger is the only real way to win and alliance always gets there first and has high ground because fo the terrain.
Something gotta give so horde and alliance get there same time.
Demos on gates are useless cuz they squishy and turrets take them out fast.
Glaives can tear down a gate but they too are squishy like wet paper.
A rogue and hunter cant pop them like a zit in 4 seconds.

The bombs in the base only tickle the gate and annoy it. No real damage is done.

Hangar is always an ez win for alliance …

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Let’s make IoC interesting.

More guns on the Walls. Increase the range of the guns so that they can hit the airship and the glaives. Make is so that an assault on the base is mandatory to weaken the defensives before you can bring the big guns in to down the gates. Or why not just make 2 Hangars and two airships, so that when they are in range of each other they can shoot the other one down.

WAIT new idea!

Airship BG.


I don’t have data, but it feels like Alliance is bad at killing glaives often enough that it’s noticeable… after winning Hangar, I mean.

Fundamentally IoC just isn’t that fun I don’t think, but it’s compounded by how strong the airships DPS is.

Defending a flag is easier than defending siege/glaives.

There’s no anti air turrets to punish the airship, it’s just free dps.

They need to rework all of the epic BGs imo, but that’s asking blizzard to support every game system. It’s probably outside the budget of a small indie team like them.


To even out the foot race to hangar you have to use the east/left side of the fortress and glider off the ledge. (Left as you zone in facing toward the Alli keep)

The 3-4 seconds you gain is enough to crest the hill before they can drop the full CC blitzkrieg. Worth noting though, 10-15 need to be committed to fighting on flag and not the hill.

Yea I can’t count how many times Horde has lost hangar then wins with glaives because alliance ignores them lol. Still, glaives need to be beefed up with new patch. Blizzard has been worse than normal with not adjusting for power creep after patches this expansion.

You can get to the hangar same time as alliance but you need to go off the east gate and glider down . Using speed power ups you can get there even before the alliance but even without that this path gets you there the same time.

Of course most people run out of the main door

I think it would be more balanced if glaives and demolishers had their HP buffed throughout the expansion. Right now they are too squishy. Demolishers never get a chance to do anything to the gate because a couple people on guns can destroy them very quickly. Maybe bombs should be buffed and the airship’s guns nerfed so the airship becomes a little more counterable.

nah lately hanger has been a loss for alliance all my wins for ioc this week have been from docks lol

So like ifn a heap of hordes use gliders and Wild Dragon Fruit…then we get there well before ally do.

It just takes players to be prepared before entering ebg’s.

Do it 'cos i’m sick to death of being alone humping flag while everyone else dying on hill.

Edited 'cos i screwed up gliders…yes i’m on the beers again.

Another advantage alliance has in IOC is the terrain where glaives launch attacks. Alliance can drop down on the hill to the right of glaives and basically attack glaives from the high ground before horde can even get them in focus. Glaives being so squishy explode before the alliance players are dead.

IOC needs to be re worked

but horde have the same advantage by the bridge to our base too and they usually guard it pretty well .

i keep forgetting this a thing

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