👀 Introverts helping introverts

Casual adult altoholic looking for a fun guild. I would be re rolling a few and moving 1 or 2 over. I love to help others. Make gold. Mount/mog/pet farm. Overall help others when needed and the like. Not really into mythics or raids atm. Is your guild looking for someone like me by chance?


Hi Nyskya - Happy to have you check us out! We are a play how you like to type of guild, so can sometimes be quiet, sometimes be extra talky. We do a great job of helping and grouping up for runs. (And I think like all, we have our moments) We do have crews that love the M+ and such - We are not a raiding guild, but we attempt on occasion, casually :slight_smile: - Send a BTag invite to me at Kiriin#1940

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100 bottles of beer on the wall
100 bottles of beer
you take one down and pass it around
99 dingus left to endear.

"Prepare yourselves, the bells have tolled! Shelter your weak, your young and your old! Each of you shall pay the final sum. Cry for mercy, the reckoning has come! Happy Hallows End <3 :jack_o_lantern:

today is the day <3
start your journey where it’s best for you.
take your time, breathe- and then GOGO :slight_smile: because all the excite.

Looking For
Introverts & Extroverts alike
Pet Lovers
low-key laid back folk interested in mythics: (high keys: professional dps pushers /flex role baby key team members all)
Friendly, patient old-soul vanilla levelers & questers
Retired guild officers, players returning from break, new players
We focus on hearts, respect, positivity, and support.

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because although introverts are better, extroverts come to dinner.
because there is no friglin spark this week and I want to get some knowledge points.
because we’re looking for people just coming back, or that are looking for more- qualifying they can take their pants off and still respect each other.
and bumping, because i still do better with pictures than words; I clam up and don’t know what to say; and I get so tired of the same recruitment posts. #find.your.joy ya’ll - if not with us, than at least within yourself, and have a great 2023.
#dingusposters on facebook!

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No reason to bump, other than to say hi. Making sure to plant some seeds for a small guild, small server who focuses on hearts and family before any professional performance. Doesn’t mean we dont like to kill all the things together :slight_smile:

Are you tired of guilds with strict rules and demands? Look no further! Our guild welcomes all Alliance players who are looking for a safe and relaxed place to play World of Warcraft their way. We’re a group of social and family-oriented players who enjoy being silly and helping each other out. We believe that the best guild events are the ones created by our members, and we’re always eager to see what new ideas they come up with.

Our guild is led by experienced WoW players who understand the importance of community and support. We value each member’s unique contribution to our guild and strive to create an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. If you’re a past guild leader or someone who’s looking for a fresh start, we welcome you to join us and be part of our friendly and fun-loving community

It’s dungeon week, ya’ll :slight_smile:

I’m interested. Add me on Battle.net, NaTuRaL#11214.


Don’t forget your orphans! We know what it’s like to feel alone !
(and want ice-cream)

Looking for a guild that’s chill and fun?
Recruiting more Dingus, we are the one!
If you’re quiet, or if you’re not- join the crew,
Happen to heal? We need those too!
Patience and understanding are key,
Adults come on in and be carefree!
With no obligations, and time as a blur
Join the family that could last forever.

Bumping for a week long campaign to recruit horde players while Blizzard works out it’s LFG system <3 The Dingus Brigade strives to create lasting friendships that go beyond WoW and have started a monthly party game night to. errrr… open up my comfort with some culture out there <3

There once was a dingus named Dave,
Who at parties would always behave,
But when games came out,
He would start to pout,
For the language made him feel so depraved.

He’d blush at each naughty word,
And wish that he had not heard,
The jokes and the puns,
That made everyone’s fun,
But for Dave, it was all so absurd.

So he’d sit there and silently stew,
As the others would laugh and continue,
But deep down he knew,
That he’d feel better too,
If he just let loose and joined in the hullabaloo.

For at parties, it’s all in good fun,
And there’s no need to be so undone,
By a little bit of language,
That may seem a bit strange,
Just let go and enjoy the puns!

If you are a quester, come in.
If you are a quester, a maker, a killer,
a key-er, a helper, a pet and mog collector
Alliance or Horde come sit by my fire
for we have some flax-golden tales to spin.
Come in!
Come in!

:dizzy: ~~~~~~~~~~~ :dizzy: ~~~~~~~~~~~~ :dizzy: ~~~~~~~~~~~~ :dizzy:
With inspiration from Shel Silverstein, The Dingus Brigade seeks a few more family members to share a warm welcome and hearth. Service orientated, we have no game driven goals. Our goals revolve around family and respect. Quietly seeking a few keyers to fill our groups.

:dizzy: ~~~~~~~~~~~ :dizzy: ~~~~~~~~~~~~ :dizzy: ~~~~~~~~~~~~ :dizzy:

#dingusposters on facebook
#made by introverts for everyone

Someone from the Women in Warcraft FB group recommended this guild to me. I’m interested in finding a home for some Alliance characters. Do you all do normal or heroic raiding, and if so, what days/nights?

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With some help from Shakira

Hips Don’t lie

… gamers up in here tonight
The dungeons.
We got some KSMs up in here by fighting and pulling
and pulling
because it’s dungeon week.

… She never really knew that she could pull like this (hey)
She makes the tank sigh and opt to vanish.
Causing trauma, and she’s the healer.
Come Join us, We’re dingus!
Believe it that she’ll pull like that
And maybe make you get mad
So expect it, and smile on
killing the mobs of the dungeon

… We’re on tonight
Running dungeons, and, we’re on the grind
For Aspects and the crests, we’ll leave no mob behind
All the attraction, and tension
Come on Lusty, just pay attention!

… Hey, girl, We can see your body pulling
And it’s driving us crazy
And I didn’t have the slightest idea
Until I saw mobs advancing.
And when you walk through the dungeon the heals that you pour
And No mobs can ignore the pulls you do with your body, girl
Yet everything Is managed with that big bear right there.
Everyone, keep on Pew Pew with flair

… Do you really want to play like this?
Come and join us, help us clear this ditch!
¿Cómo se llama? (Sí)) It’s dingus (Si)
This dungeon, we time it- just 10 more and we’ll be done.
… Oh, baby, when she pulls like that
She makes the group go mad
But with power, it’s all killed
We roar and start the dancing.

… Oh, we’re on tonight
We’re on most nights, looking to push a key
Do you practice and feel thirsty,
NO dissension, low tension
Don’t you see casual is perfection?
Will you be on tonight, just drop on by
Just watch her hips, and she likely bites.
all the introverts, and converts,
Tacos and Beer here, we bond over desserts.
… Make sure to expect some one handed healing.

… We never really we could push like this
Twenty Five Hundred might be Chef’s Kiss
Can we do it, Senorita
Hips that pull, are kinda a PITA.
DPS can you live like this?
Come down some levels and play Dingus
With Laughter,and amateurs.
It’s the family that really is saught after.
… Señorita, heal the brute squad
Let me see you move like you come from team Method.

… Yeah, we’re on tonight, and her hips don’t lie
But we’re pushing to earn those points.
Are you with us, are you dingus?
High tolerance is a plus
… We’re not the usual crowd night, not ones for power.
We’re slow to move and smell flowers.
We wear no pants, like to dance
and understand circumstance.
Just pushing keys
And enjoy the breeze.

#dingusposters on facebook
Hope everyone is having a good dungeon week!

:clinking_glasses: Happy week 3 of season 3.
:eye: bumping so others can see,
:crazy_face: that we have some tanks running free
:heavy_plus_sign: needing heals for those baby keys.

:revolving_hearts: Kindness, patience, and tolerance too
:taco: If you don’t have these, we’re not for you.
:imp: We’re ready to raid and timewalk illidan
:dress: Get those mogs, mounts, and Glory runs in.

:drum: Following rhythm and rhyme as above;
:sunny: Season four has been such a labor of love.
:interrobang: Change is hard, we can all agree.
:key: We still have a few that are pushing those keys.

Rhymes aside, we’re reaching the end of the expansion; I’d like to welcome a few more members before it hits the fan when they open up server-wide ability. We’re an awkward, quiet bunch. From solo play, some pvp,and raiding - only thing we ask is to be able to relax with your pants off; no matter how good- to respect all levels of play. Horde Welcome =)

…with some help from Hozier: Too Sweet.

SHARK WEEK :shark:
Players, we’ve waited a year.
Time for the ocean frontier!
Power, teeth, hunting in stealth;
It’s shark week, you watch?

Introverted community,
Liking our animals better.
Respecting perfect killing machines.
Special people we seek.
Look for some fresh meat!
Getting good dog and remix, while waiting 6 weeks,
Where will you be; for new content stampede.

It can be said that we are absurd,
Most of us are kind of disturbed.
But while in this world,
Are you that kind of geek

Patience, tacos, and kindness our creed.
An older crowd; Top charts we don’t need.
Pushing casual keys and collecting all the things.
No obligations, but grouping is tough.
Pizza, whiskey, and to bed by three!
It’s shark week so peek!
Stream or watch the tv!


Bump for sharks in CANADA!
New players welcome!
Looking for more achievement hunters/ glory dungeons.

Bump for the HORDE!