<Introspective> LFM for M+!

Introspective looking for more M+ players, causal, and social members! We are especially looking for people who want to do keys 16+! But, if you are new to keys and want to learn lower ones we can help with that too.

Updated 10/30/23 - We are recruiting all classes and specs for KEYS! We need more HEALERS who will do 16+ keys. We are working on m+ mentoring and have helped several players achieve thier goals of 2k or 2.5k io this season. We have a few people that want to push all 20s and a few that have accomplished it already. We are going into next season ready to take it on! =) Recruitment for our raid team, however, is CLOSED at the moment and we have a wait list. So check back in a few weeks to see if we are opening up recruiting for that or not! Sorry!

Aberrus Progression
9/9 Heroic
9/9 Normal

VOTI Progression
8/8 heroic
8/8 normal

We also got AOTC every tier of Shadowlands. =)

Heroic raid times
Tuesday and Thursday 7:30 to 10:30 PM EST

Normal raid times
Friday 8pm EST
Normal is optional but good for alts and fun to get to know people while you gear up!
**NOTE: normal raid is suspended for the rest of Aberrus and will be picked up again when the next tier starts!

Heroic Team Needs
Tanks: Closed
Healers: Closed
DPS: 1 main spec DPS with viable healer OS or main spec Healer with viable dps OS… Any class EXCEPT priest. Be prepared to send logs for both your specs! Thanks <3

Raiding Requirements

  • 415 ilvl for heroic Aberrus
  • We will be requiring 441 ilvl for normal Amidrasil in 10.2
  • Active community participants
  • Good attitude and basic understanding of how to play your class
  • Trial period: Typically lasts 2-4 weeks. After the trial, we will want you to switch over to our server and join our guild. As a trial you will still be invited to all the raids and allowed to roll for loot (with some restrictions, which I will explain in DM as we have loot rules). You will stay at “trial” rank until we get to know you a bit. =) If you are struggling with your class or with mechanics we will set up coaching to help you. We dont expect anything crazy, just that about average in terms of logs and skill level. Once things are good, you will be promoted to raider rank.
  • RC loot council: We use this addon to distribute loot in the raid so we can enforce our loot rules. We are NOT a loot council guild. We are Need MS > OS > Mog in general, with some small adjustments such as prioritizing 4 set completion, and not allowing trials to roll for certain rare items. If RC is a hard pass for you then be aware we use it now and we can save some time. If you are worried about how the addon works or if it can be cheesed to do shady loot stuff, just look into it because a lot of guilds use it.

New and Retuning Players

Interested in keys or raiding, but not sure because you don’t have much experience? Don’t know how to start out? No worries. We can help you learn.

Some of our core players came to us with no experience at all in end game content. Send me a message and we can chat about it!


  • ALL CLASSES AND SPECS are welcome to join for M+!
  • We run mythic+ keys throughout the week and have a m+ request channel in disc people can post in for specific keys they want to do or if they need help getting a 15 for the vault
  • Guild m+ night is Saturday nights 8 PM EST. This is an optional drop in type of event. At the start we usually run some kind of game or contest. Nothing too serious, just for fun. And then afterward we break up and run keys.
  • We are adding a 2nd day of guild m+ night in 10.2. Day still TBD!
  • We have some people interested in pushing high keys and looking for more people with this same interest to continue building our m+ community!
  • We especially need people who want to run keys 16 and up!
  • Already have a guild, but looking for more people to run keys with? DM about joining our discord as a “Guest (pug)” member. You will be able to see the discord including our m+ request channels. And can run keys with us, but don’t have to leave your guild!

Social and Casual Members

  • Want a guild with an active community but can’t commit to regular raiding? Everyone is welcome here even if you don’t want to join the raid team!
  • We run normal raid, an optional drop in event on Fridays at 8 PM EST and usually clear normal in a couple hours. We have an active discord with people usually hanging out in there every night.
  • We have m+ night with guildies you are welcome to join for!
  • We chit chat a lot in discord and frequently hang out in there at night even if there’s not an event or raid going on.
  • We also play other games together when things are a bit slow in wow.

Recruiting Officer: Tiva | Discord (preferred): tiva | Battlenet: tiva#1174
Guild Master: Quin | Discord: YingYui

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interested :smiley:

Bumping up =)

Bumping up, we are still recruiting for m+
Check out our raider io to get an idea of our playerbase thx <3

bumping up, we filled out healer flex position from within the team, which was ideal. So we are now just recruiting for m+ once again! Yay