<Introspective> 8/8 Heroic LFM

Introspective is recruiting raiders to complete AOTC of whatever tier is out, farm sweet loots, and dabble a bit in mythic raiding.

We have compleated AOTC in vault and now we are looking for raiders who want to farm a bit for loot and also who want to dabble in mythic a bit until next tier.

After the patch we will be open to both alliance (guild is alliance) and horde members. =)

1/8 mythic (with pugs)
8/8 heroic
8/8 normal

Heroic raid times
Tuesday and Thursday 7:30 to 10:30 PM EST

Heroic Team Needs
High: Any dps spec, we are flexible
Closed: Tanks and Healers (sorry!)


  • 389 ilvl for heroic
  • active community participants
  • good attitude and basic understanding of how to play your class
  • willingness to learn
  • desire to push a bit in mythic after aotc
  • 2 week trial period. After the trial, we will want you to switch over to our server and join our guild. As a trial you will still be invited to all the raids and allowed to roll for loot, but it just a signifier that you are not 100% on the team until we get to know you a bit. =)

Other guild activities

  • We run mythic+ keys throughout the week and have a m+ request channel in disc people can post in for specific keys they want to do or if they need help getting a 15 for the vault
  • Guild m+ night is saturday nights 8-11 PM EST. We try to get ppl running the keys they need in guild groups and also run lower keys to help our friends/alts/more casual players.
  • Some times we go die together in pvp =)

Recruiter: Tiva | Discord: tiva#2516
Guild Master: Quin | Discord: YingYui#4699

Bumping this for a great group of folks.

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Thanks man. Miss you!

All- we are still openly recruiting dps of any class and spec. Made some good prog on Raz. Hopefully she dies soon!

Bumping up. Still looking for more dps. We are making prog on raz and hope to kill soon

We have completed AOTC and now we are planning to farm the raid a bit, trail new players for next tier, and we will be messing around a bit in mythic for loot and fun.

Let us know if you are interested in joining! Now is a great time to be looking for a new guild before the next tier comes out! tc