Introducing: The (Unofficial) Classic WoW RP Discord

Made by an RPer who wanted to aid other RPers in finding greatness in one another ahead of time , as well as during the launch of Classic, the Unofficial Classic WoW RP Discord has arrived! Invite your friends, invite your family, invite your dog as long if you know how to RP in Woofer! Come on in, meet new friends, and find partners to join in on the fun!

We have:

  • A faction-based roles system to help identify with others on your faction!
  • An announcements AND Blizzard announcements channel to help keep you up to date on all the goings on of our community and game!
  • Channels tailor made for helping players find groups, raid pickups, and even whole guilds whether it be for PvP, PvE, or RP!
  • Dedicated channels for learning of new and upcoming events, as well as to simply find new buddies to RP with!
  • Dedicated voice chat to help coordinate in game, or just have a chat with people you might like to know!
  • A responsive Owner and growing team of Admins open to suggestions and here to keep your experience enjoyable!
  • Over 50 Classic WoW themed emotes (animated emotes included) for use within and outside of the Discord group!
  • Cookies!

Though primarily made for Roleplayers and future Roleplayers to find one another, converse, and learn more about the characters they’re soon to meet in Classic, we welcome everyone to chat and explore ye olde Azeroth together!

/!\ NOTE: All players are subjected to a 10 minute wait period on the rules channel before selecting a role in the Pick-A-Faction channel for security reasons before being able to access the rest of the Discord. We thank you for your understanding! /!\

~Link Skorpion, Undead Enthusiast and Classic Fanboy

Add me on Discord at: “(Link) Samantha Jane Skorpion#0001” for more info or an invite!