Introduce Yourself Here


I’m a friendly neighborhood WoW Classic Game Producer and I’ve been at Blizzard for a bit over 12 years. In my current role as a Producer I help plan and oversee WoW Classic releases, maintain development schedules, and provide day to day support to the fantastic WoW Classic dev team. I’ve been a part of the WoW Classic effort since 2018, and for that most of that time I’ve worked behind the scenes with many members of the Classic community to help ensure that Classic is a fun, authentic experience that looks and feels as close to the original games as possible.

I’ve been a World of Warcraft player since launch in 2004, and these days I am (unsuprisingly) an ardent Classic player first and foremost. I am the GM for a guild with two full 10/10 raid teams in Burning Crusade classic and during WoW Classic I was the guild’s Warrior main tank, but I made a main swap to Hunter for Burning Crusade Classic and I’ve been having a blast with it. I’ve also been dabbling with various Soul of Iron characters in Season of Mastery, but I think my playstyle is a bit too daring to experience true success here (I have an almost compuslive desire to jump from high places in World of Warcraft for some reason…).

Big thanks to everyone who signed up and is participating here, and thanks to the community team for getting this up and running! Really looking forward to some great interactions here!


Hey everybody!

I’m Pazorax, Lead Software Engineer on WoW Classic. I’ve been with Blizzard for over 15 years, starting in February of 2006, when I joined the company to help maintain “WoWEdit,” the tool that designers use to build in-game content for World of Warcraft. After working on that for 8 years or so, I transferred to the Hearthstone team, and eventually became their Lead Tools Engineer, before returning to World of Warcraft to lead the effort to build WoW Classic, Burning Crusade Classic, and most recently, WoW Classic: Season of Mastery.

I’ve played a ton of World of Warcraft over the years, casually at first, then later as the main tank of a raiding guild. I stepped back a bit when I had kids, but then came back to play on the opposite faction when we released WoW Classic in 2019. These days, I’m mostly trying not to die in Season of Mastery, and I’m looking forward to what else we can do in the Classic space. I really enjoyed aiming for “#nochanges” in our initial release, but I’m even more excited to see what Classic looks like with a few minor touch-ups or even a fresh coat of paint once in a while, as long as it doesn’t get too crazy. :wink:

I’m also really hopeful for the opportunity to engage with you here in the Community Council. I hope this space generates some really thoughtful and creative discussion about what’s cool about Classic, and where we go from here. :heart:


Hello, everyone! I am Silver, but I am better known as Caleb McSwain! I am a roleplayer, having resided primarily on Wyrmrest Accord for five years, and recently switched to Moon Guard one year ago! I am a member of The Argent Advance, an Argent Crusade roleplay guild.

There are many facets about this game that captivate me, but roleplay has been my primary focus over the years. This last year, I have found myself part of Moon Guard’s larger roleplay community in the Warcraft Conquest events. I’ve even found myself as the Horde’s Senior Medical Officer, underneath other pillars in our community!

These events showcase just how talented our community is- writers forging stories to captivate both Horde and Alliance alike, artists creating assets to immerse the audience, entire systems for roleplay combat and vehicle battles developing with the community, and roleplayers engaging with it in a way that shapes our future stories.

It is not simply roleplay that I plan on discussing, though. The environments which we play in are a big factor in roleplay- furniture, buildings, mobs, phases, all of these things contribute to it. As well, transmog is another big aspect; being able to express your character is truly one of the best ways to connect with the game.

I’ve gone on a long enough tangent, though, so I will finish. The roleplay community is about connections in their purest forms- who you are, and the actions you take. I want to use my voice so that my community is heard, in hopes that they can continue doing what they love.


Hey everyone, I’m Muffinus. :dog: I’ve been working on WoW for almost 12 years.

Over the years I’ve done everything from encounter design to toys, pets, mounts, hunter pets, pet battles (not sure if you can see the theme here), world quests, and more. But my design child will forever be Timeless Isle.

I helped kill Varian. You’re welcome.

I firmly believe that gnome mage is the best race/class.

Nowadays I help oversee quest, content, and level design, and would be happy to field your questions, especially if they are about pet battles.


Hey folks!

My name is Rob Cherry and I’m one of the Lead Software Engineers on the Server team. I’ve been working at Blizzard just over 6 years, but am relatively new to the WoW team, having only joined back in November '21. Previous to that I worked mostly on the Diablo franchise, but have also helped ship Starcraft: Remastered, and did some really cool work on

I’ve been a WoW player since Vanilla, and have done just about everything PvE you can do in WoW. I started back in the day as a Druid, transitioned into Priesthood, and then eventually took up a shield as a Paladin, where I’ve been enjoying tanking ever since.

Really excited for the opportunity to engage with you all, especially when it comes to any of the fiddly technical bits!


Hi Everyone,

I’m Tru Villain Manny or just Manny. I’m predominantly a PvE player who enjoys Mythic Keystone Dungeons and Raiding. I have been playing from the days of vanilla at different levels of intensity. Recently, I began forming a guild for ‘adults with jobs’ that want to push into Mythic content.

Another area of interest for me in Warcraft is of course the lore and the world we players inhabit. I love the nature of druid magics vs shamanistic power. I relish delving into the motivations of the Light or what the agenda of Life might be in the cosmology.

I am really excited to talk about all the aspects of the modern World of Warcraft.


Hello all! It’s a real privilege to have been chosen for this and I hope to live up to the opportunity.

It’s been suggested to me that I introduce myself and give you an idea of what kind of player I am and some of my background and history. Hopefully it will help shed some light on where some of my points of view come from and how I approach arriving at some of my suggestions for the game.

I started out in the mid-90s playing MUDs. For those who may be unfamiliar those are “Multi-User Dungeons” or "Multi-User Dungeons and Dragons” MUDD. They are/were old school text based MMORPGs except the first M was not quite so massive… usually just 10 to 200 players playing on a single server at a time. In a nut shell though they played a lot like WoW with a lot of the same character parameters, abilities, leveling, classes, dungeons, bosses etc. except obviously without any graphics O.o.

Eventually after a while I ended up as a developer for the game and coded some gaming systems, classes, races, etc. over the course of a few years and I suppose in the process gained an appreciation for how my decisions as an x-player now dev were suddenly not quite as simple as they once seemed.

Naturally when a friend of mine sat me down at his computer telling me I had to try this “Warcraft game” I was pretty much blown away with it. It was all the stuff I had been playing and coding for the last few years but with graphics! So that was pretty much the end of the line for MUDs for me :wink:

I started playing WoW about 6 months after launch. Leveled up a toon and scrapped and clawed my way into convincing my guild leader to start a raiding alliance with a couple other groups of friends and the next thing you know I’m wiping in ZG woohoo! Then I wiped some more in MC, wiped a lot more in BWL and so on and so forth.

I formed a guild and was the GM of that for a while in BC and we raided the BC content and time passed by. Now I’m a member of one of the guilds that I raided with back in vanilla. It’s nice to still have some old WoW friends from back then still around.

The years went by, and I got married, had some kids, got divorced, raised some kids, met someone else, we started raising both our kids; and now I’ve got 4 teenagers, a job, mortgage, responsibility, and my WoW time is somewhat less structured than it could be in the past, to say the least!

In my present WoW life I just finished leveling my 9th 60 alt. They are all basically around the iLvL 210-220 range with my “main” (the toon I’m posting on) being about iLvL 229 as I recall.

I LFR regularly and do it mostly to play the encounters and collect the transmogs. I play a lot of honor PvP BGs and have max honor gear on an Arcane Mage just because the spec is a ton of fun for me this x-pac! I think I got to Knight back in vanilla and peaked out there, the system got the better of me at that point I suppose. I also clear a lot of old content for transmogs and mounts when I don’t have much else to do.

Right now, I’m spending a fair bit of time on the PTR. I’ve been a part of several x-pac Beta tests over the years going back to WotLK and enjoy attempting to provide useful feedback where I can. I don’t tend to post a lot but do post when I have something to say. Perhaps I’ll have to step it up a bit now that it seems I have a bit of a responsibility to do so. If you head over to the PTR forum you can find a few threads and comments there.

See you around I hope!


Hello! I’m Chimes, and I’m a systems and rewards designer. I’m pretty new to the team, having joined within the last year, but I’ve been in the games industry for over a decade and I’ve been playing WoW (and other Blizzard games!) for much, much longer.

I’ve taken a few breaks for the usual reasons (school, big life stuff, you know how it goes), but I’ve been playing since vanilla. I tried a bunch of casters at the beginning, but when TBC came out and the draenei became playable, I found that my heart was on the Exodar. (Fun fact: it still is, though it moonlights on the Vindicaar from time to time.) I’ve played a little of everything, but I’ve mained holy priest and elemental shaman for most of the game.

9.2 is my first big patch working on this game I’ve loved and played forever, and I’m excited to get to talk to fans with these fancy blue letters.


Hi, I’m Lightamber (or just Amber). Very glad to be here! I’ve been playing WOW since day one of vanilla. Actually, a bit longer than that because I was in the beta. Through WoD I played exclusively healers, but in recent expansions have branched out into some dps specs, including Balance Druid and Frost Mage. This tier I’m returning to my healing roots and trying out Holy Paladin.

I’m older than most WOW players and I have autoimmune arthritis that has damaged my hands. Even so, I like to challenge myself with difficult content as much as I can. Mythic raiding isn’t really in the cards for me, but I target AOTC every tier, and since getting bitten by the mythic+ bug, I now target KSM as well. One of these days I will time a +20. I’m very close! Have timed several 19s. I’ve also started dabbling in rated PvP, with a goal of earning the seasonal mount each tier and hopefully someday a rating of 1800 so I can finish the elite mog.

I’m the GM of Eclipsis, an AOTC/KSM guild for busy adults. That is, we’re a guild with a flexible roster and no attendance requirements, for folks who are busy with families, demanding jobs, or other real-life responsibilities but still want to raid and do mythic+. The social aspect of WOW is important to me, and I always prefer to be in a guild rather than join PUGs.

I started my WOW journey on Kilrogg but moved at the start of BFA to Wyrmrest Accord, which I found to have a culture more friendly to woman gamers. And while I don’t RP myself, I enjoy being around people who do.

One thing I love about WOW is how amazingly configurable it is. Being able to move my keybinds anywhere I want is hugely valuable to me when my arthritis flares up. And with addons, macros, and weakauras, there is so much I can do to further reduce the burden on my hands. It’s one of many reasons I’ve stuck with this game for mumblemumble years now.


Hey all, long time WoW player here!

I’m a multi class/multi tier CE raider (US 300-350 level) who also enjoys pushing mythic+ keys (around the +25 keystone level). I feel that I play both aspects of PvE at a high enough level to have some sort of an educated opinion on how those systems work and feel as a player engaging with them on multiple different classes, roles and specs.

I also enjoy some of the more casual content like collecting transmogs, mounts, pets and toys. I’m a completionist so I try to collect and complete as many achievements as I can. Outside of high end PvE, I would say the transmog system is my absolute favorite system to engage with.

As mentioned, I am also a multi classer. I have every character at level 60 (duplicates on some classes) and have them all fairly geared (more than half of them are mythic ilvl and I’ve gotten the +20 dungeon portals on a bunch of alts as well). Often times in most patches, I push keys on a character that I don’t raid on (for example this patch I played DH for raid, but pushed keys as a WW and Holy Paladin - if I’m lucky enough my guild lets me sneak an alt in for reclear so I can get a trinket or ring that I need for keys :slight_smile:), so I am all too familiar with the process of gearing out and playing multiple characters at the higher end of things. I’m not some world first raider or doing world first keys, but I would consider myself fairly experienced in both forms of content especially when it comes to gearing, grinding and the general effort to reward ratio of being able to do +24-25s on multiple characters.

As you can tell, I play a lot of WoW. It’s mostly the only game that I play and I have enjoyed every second I have put into this game patch after patch.

My hopes as a community council member is to bring a unique perspective of someone who does high end content on multiple characters, multiple roles and multiple specs and how different systems promote or hinder that style of play. I also hope to start more discussions on how to make “high end” PvE accessible and available to a larger audience. Mythic raiding and the Mythic+ system are such core pillars of this game that I feel like there is always improvements to be made and barriers to be removed to make the content more accessible to more players (and more alts!)

Thanks for the opportunity!


Hey Gamers, I’m Gizmo (only when I don’t consume bean water “coffee”) I am super stoked to be here and have been playing WoW since Vanilla.

I mostly enjoy PVE and the guild aspect of wow it has always been the reason I log on, friends in game. I am based in Australia and play on Oceanic servers now both Horde and Alliance, I enjoy all aspects of both gameplay. I raid and dabble in pvp, until my blood pressure rises. I have quite the mount and pet collection and I have played all content in the game and I am looking forward to getting to know you all and your valued inputs.


Hi, guys!

I’m Watermist, and I’ve been a long-time Warcraft fan. I grew up playing Warcraft 1 through 3, before getting into WoW in 2005 and never looking back.

I suppose you can describe me as a bit of an eclectic player – for the most part, I’ve dabbled in a wide variety of content throughout WoW’s history. The only areas which I have absolutely no experience in are rated BGs, arenas, and M+ runs.

The reason I play like this is because I am what I consider a “forced” casual player – I want to play more WoW (a lot more), but during the first two-thirds of my WoW experience, I was taking between 18 to 21 units (while also interning) for my Master’s, and then for the past one-third of my WoW experience, I’ve been working as a Special Education teacher.

This means I dedicate a lot of my time and energy to my work (I love my students! Zero regrets getting into this field)… I have to juggle seven grades’ worth of curriculums, across every subject, on top of managing between 8 to 15 IEPs each year.

This means I come home between 5 and 8 pm (after leaving at 7 am) completely wiped out. Many times, I would boot up WoW, click “log in,” and… then fall asleep at my keyboard!

Yes. Literally.

So, it’s not for a lack of desire!

Ever since I started working as a teacher, my WoW time has gone down by a little bit – not too much, but just enough that I’ve largely stopped doing PuG dungeons and raids. It’s a huge bummer, because I love running dungeons and raids. But alas, I have to save them for when I’m on long breaks from work.

So currently, I’m focusing on mostly “solo” activities in the game – transmog collection, pet collection, mount collection, on-and-off achievement points hunting.

I also give a fair amount of my time to helping out new players whenever I could in the Newcomer Chat.

Y’all, I love the Newcomer Chat so much.

So I just wanted to share my perspective as a WoW player who really likes WoW, and really wants to play more, but rarely has the time and energy to do so.

There’s also one more thing about me: I was born profoundly deaf in both ears! So, English is not my first language (I speak American Sign Language), and I teach deaf kids. :slight_smile:

Here on the Community Council, you will most often find me chatting about the following: Accessibility for deaf players and disabled players, how to improve the new player experience, and how the latest WoW content feels to a “casual” player with limited time. I’ll also flitter around and hop into various topics of which I have some interest in (e.g., reputation grinding, mount collecting, class design – particularly Hunter – and so on).

Thank you all for having me! :smiley:

PS: I gotta warn all of you. Sometimes I don’t quite manage to turn off my Teacher Persona. It’s not you, I promise!


Former teacher here. I completely understand. I play the same way you do - casually and often solo! So glad to see a few more accessibility folks here!


Hello all!

I’m Maizou. If you browse the General Discussion Forums, you’ve probably seen me around here and there as I’m on it pretty much every day as evidenced by my 7,000 posts. (though not the past 2 months, as I’ve been busy with the new Pokemon games, which timed great with my burnout from the Mage Tower making me feel defeated). I’m excited to have been chosen and be able to contribute the perspective of a casual player. As Brie above back in December said, I would probably be considered “hardcore casual” - in that I spend a lot of time playing, but I only focus on the casual aspects of the gameplay.

Information about me:

  • I live in California.
  • I am disabled. I have agoraphobia, OCD, and a bad back. I am a very big advocate for the WoW token due to this, as it helps people like me, stuck in government disability limbo, able to play the game while we have no income and nothing else we can really do.
  • I used to volunteer at the local Food Bank as a receptionist before I developed the panic disorder. It was the best part of my life and I sincerely miss being able to help people.
  • I have been a gamer pretty much my entire life, but my MMO career started with Final Fantasy 11 a bit before WoW came out. I played that simultaneously with WoW until 2007/2009. I have played WoW since pretty much the launch, though I have taken a few breaks here and there due to burnout.
  • I try not to bring it up, but I am gay, and tend to point out when something might be a bit homophobic. General Homophobia in the chat channels is why I left the original server I was on and rerolled on Proudmoore during Cataclysm, and I’ve never really regretted it. Proudmoore’s community is amazing.
  • I am one of those weird millennials who doesn’t have traditional social media. I literally only have Facebook as of right now, and I never go on it, it’s just to have a way to message old friends if I need to.

What the game is to me, and what I hope to contribute:

The game for me is about social interaction and collecting. This may seem strange to some, but I enjoy it. For me, the aspects of the game I enjoy are:

  • Pet Collecting/Battling (I’m active on the Warcraftpets Discord and Community) - I have every pet I can realistically collect right now. The only pets I’m missing are old BlizzCon, Collector’s Edition, or RaF pets. (And Honor 400 pets and the Celestial Calf… but we don’t talk about those. :shushing_face:)
  • Taming Rare Hunter Pets (I am active on the Petopia forums) - Be it a challenge tame or just camping to find them, though I much prefer the former.
  • Collecting Transmogs That I Want
  • Questing
  • Making and Leveling/Gearing Alts - I currently have 37/38 toons at level 50+.
  • Reputation Collecting - Maizou has every reputation still possible to earn at Exalted.
  • Casual PvE and PvP, meaning Random Dungeon, LFR, and low level Battlegrounds.

As for the more “traditional” parts of the game: I dabble in Normal/Heroic raids with my guild when they have bosses on farm, but that’s more to spend time with my guildies. Raids stress me out, especially heroic. If I want the story or gear, I’ll do LFR, where I often make sure to explain fights to the group. My OCD prevents me from doing M+, as the timers can easily cause me to have a panic attack. And I just have zero interest in rated PvP. The only PvP I enjoy is low level, as I feel it requires more strategy when you’re missing part of your toolkit.

And just because I know from Reddit, Discord, etc. that people believe Blizzard don’t want people who won’t agree with them on the Council, if you’ve seen my posts in General Discussion, you know I’m not afraid to be blunt with my feedback. Very blunt. I am not afraid to say I don’t agree with a design decision. That said, I will defend Blizzard if I believe someone is being unfair. I try not to invalidate people’s feelings, but sometimes I think some critiques are unwarranted. This is just who I am. I even do it in real life, I’ll even defend someone I vehemently hate if I feel the person accusing them is being unfair.

I have a bad habit of rambling on and making posts way longer than they should be, so I’m going to cut it here. Lol. I look forward to this opportunity.



Slacker here, from Argent Dawn EU! If you play Horde on Argent Dawn EU you probably have seen me around.

I first read about WoW in a issue of a PC Magazine (I forget which…) but I was amazed at how good it looked and I had to play it. Then one day I was browsing the WoW website for news and saw that you could sign up to the Beta for what we now call “Vanilla” WoW, so I signed up! I have played WoW on and off ever since and have had a lot of fun through all the years I have played.

I have done various things while playing WoW over the years. I used to raid a bit in Vanilla, TBC and WOTLK, I was part of a few very nice and friendly guilds and we all had a blast raiding. I have given PVP a try multiple times (I did a lot of PVP in TBC towards the end of the expansion), not saying that I am any good at it but I did have fun. Most of my time in WoW lately has been consumed by Transmog Farming, Mount Farming (one day I will get the “X-45 Heartbreaker”…) and of course RPing.

I try not to take WoW too seriously now days, although I do still play a lot, I do what I want to do with the game…which is have fun!

Why did I want to join the council? Well I saw the announcement and thought why not sign up and give it a try, see what I can contribute and see if I can make WoW better for Goblins everywhere!

So, lets chill, have good discussions and see what we can all do as part of the council that will hopefully shape WoW into something even more awesome


Hello, everybody! I’m Saormash from Area 52.

I’ve been playing WoW off and on since the beta of the original game and, while I’ve been in many guilds over the years, I’m proud to say that I am a member of Undaunted, the largest deaf guild in WoW.

While it won’t be the only thing I discuss here, I mainly applied to join the Community Council in order to be an advocate for deaf players to ensure that content (especially raid content, since we have a Mythic raid team) remains accessible to us. Hopefully we won’t see any fights that dredge up bad memories of BFA’s High Tinker fight, but, if we do, I’ll be offering insight into why they are problematic for us.


Greetings every one!

I play both Horde and the Alliance equally. I play on Area 52 mainly, but also on Stormrage, Thrall and several others.

I was introduced to World of Warcraft from one of my best friends growing up. It was late in 2006 when he first mentioned WoW to me. It wasn’t my first venture into an MMORPG, as I had played heavily in Ultima Online and Everquest for years. With that said, nothing will ever make me forget my first few months in World of Warcraft.

My dear friend got me to come to their server on Stormrage, so I made a Night Elf Druid. He created a Druid as well and we leveled together all the way up to level 38 or roughly around there. My friend had a a lot of free time on his hands because he was dealing with an unfortunate illness that kept him home mostly. That meant he had more time to show me the ropes, show me around and made me fall in love with World of Warcraft.

I remember my first time dying. It wasn’t by a mob, but me being too curious and I found myself falling off of Teldrassil. Yes, that’s right, I did that and when you die in that manner as your first death, you tend not to forget about that.

The only time my friend would play on his Druid that he made with me was whenever I would log on to play, so we always quested together. He unfortunately succumbed to his illness and that’s why we arrived at around level 38 together, because that’s where his time with me would end, sadly.

Instead of continuing to play on that character any longer, I instead retired it in his honor and memory. We played every moment up until that point together, so I felt like it wouldn’t feel right if I continued on that character without my dear friend. That only speaks the truth about how you never know what you have until its gone. My friend that I grew up with and loved allowed me to experience an MMORPG that I have grown to love more than any other game or MMORPG I’ve ever played.

I am what you would call a casual player. Not casual in the sense that I don’t play very often, but casual in the sense that I do not participate in any hardcore raiding, Mythic+ dungeons or competitive PVP.

I am an avid collector, it’s my bread and butter, it’s what I love to do. That ranges from transmogs, toys, battle pets, mounts and anything I can get my hands on!

I love doing world quests, daily quests, outdoor activities like Timeless Isle, Korthia, the weekly invasions and I also like to experience the story. I do experience raiding in the form of LFR or doing legacy content. I love to farm old dungeons and raids, not just for collecting, but because it’s fun and relaxing for me.

Another aspect of WoW that is truly my bread and butter is playing on the Auction House. I have the Brutosaur mount and absolutely love to make gold. I love farming materials, whether that be skins, herbs, ores, fish, I love to do it all. To me, the auction house is a game in its own right. I may not play it as heavily as some do, but I really enjoy that aspect of it.

There’s lots of thoughts and ideas on my mind that I’d love to eventually share with every one! In the coming days and weeks I will make sure to do just that.

Thank you to Blizzard for this wonderful opportunity to share my thoughts, stories and every thing else about the game I love most, I’m very excited about it!


Good evening everyone!

I’ve gone by many names throughout the years and servers, but I am currently addressed as “Mornnah” in Dalaran.

I started playing World of Warcraft upon its release in 2004 (Shadowsong represent!), and on the character I message through you now. I have always been very passionate about the game. PvP was one of the first aspects of the game I became very passionate about, becoming one of the server’s first Warlords. In Burning Crusade, I shifted my focus to PvE and was traded among the world’s top 50 raiding guilds at the time. I ended my World of Warcraft journey during the Uldir raid in Wrath of the Lich King, to then later return upon the Legion announcement. I acquired the “Elite” title in Battle for Azeroth Season 1, and then became a Cutting Edge raider for Ny’alotha. I worked my way to “Hero of the Horde” for Shadowlands S1, and am now working on my Gladiator wins for Shadowlands Season 2. I’m a LFG rat, so if you see me in queue, wish me luck :smiley:

Aside from engaging in more intense content, I also enjoy pet battling, transmog and mount collecting, professions, and Mythic+ (timed my first +20 this season on Monday). I have a few alts on an RP-PvP server and enjoy engaging in the role playing community as well. As you can tell, I participate in basically all of the facets World of Warcraft has to offer, from casual to hardcore. I really appreciate the entertainment this game has brought me throughout the years! I am grateful to be offered this position so that I can assist in contributing to changes which will make this game as great as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with ideas that you feel need to be brought to light. As a council member, I truly believe that we need to be the “voice of the people.” In-Game mail is the best method. I look forward to using my vast in-game experiences to enhance this game, and making a more enjoyable experience for all!

Cheers :slight_smile:



Hello! My name is Qyune, and I am genuinely excited to be here with you in discussing thoughts, ideas, and concepts concerning WoW! As far as myself and my history with WoW, much of my gameplay has been astoundingly middle of the road with normal experiences.

In Vanilla, I dabbled in Molten Core, but I never really had a core raid team. In Burning Crusade, I dabbled in some raids, but started to focus more on PvP. For many expansions, getting to the point where I could raid was just as fun as the actual raid. The heart of my gameplay has come from activities in the open world leading to eventual raiding, pvp, or just more alt activity to do it all again - a jack of all trades but master of none.

However, toward the end of Legion, I randomly found the inspiration to attempt the Mage Tower with all 36 specs. That was the most fun I had in WoW up to that point! In fact, I enjoyed the process of completing this type of content so much that, in early BfA, I set out on a journey: Collect everything in the game on all 12 classes! This goal includes completing every quest, collecting all the available mounts, pets, achievements, titles, toys, and everything else in the World of Warcraft.

Below, I will list a few things I have managed to collect and accomplish over the past 3 years or so:

  • 49,736 Unique Appearance + Source combinations
  • 29,505 Achievement Points
  • 16,408 Unique Quests completed
  • 6,255 Recipes
  • 1,338 Battle Pets
  • 662 Mounts
  • 572 Toys
  • 151 Titles
  • 36 / 36 Mage Tower Appearances
  • 12 / 12 Classes Mad World Achievement

As of now, my collection is ranked in the top 100 in North America and top 250 in the world. My journey has been an awe-inspired series of adventures since starting this challenge. I am continuously amazed by the sheer amount of work, attention to detail, and interweaving design that has culminated from the various teams of individual effort over the past 17+ years.

I believe products such as WoW are always in a state of continuous improvement. So, while World of Warcraft has room to improve, I do believe this is an amazing game worth the time investment to make it even better!

So, my focus while on the WoW Community Council will be to bring perspectives, thoughts, ideas, concepts, and theories focused on and taking into account a variety of gameplay, player time availability, and player skill ranges. Ultimately, I hope to bring a well-rounded perspective to the community and team as a whole.

Thank you for this opportunity, and I look forward to all of our discussions!


Hello! My name is Prue, and I have played on the european servers since the vanilla launch in 2005.

Prior to playing World of Warcraft I played and raided as a rogue in EverQuest for several years on Rodcet Nife, then Kane Bayle, and lastly Bristlebane. As the final tiers of the Omens of War expansion hit, World of Warcraft was in US beta, and many of the core members of my current guild, along with the leadership, decided to migrate to WoW (or Vanguard) and raiding came to a standstill. I decided to take a break from things, but eventually got lured into playing WoW, and with the EU release on the horizon, I found myself standing in line at the gaming shops to get my hands on the box.

I have played World of Warcraft since the Vanilla release in 2005, primarily on my druid as either feral or restoration. While I initially picked up the game just to check it out I ended up staying for the raiding, although I do enjoy all the aspects the game has to offer.

I have raided the majority of the end game content starting from Vanilla up until the end of mythic Night Hold in Legion, but quit the scheduled guild events to become an inspiring parent, a casual mythic dungeoneer, and an obsessive vanity collector.

I still enjoy raiding whenever possible, but with a more relaxed approach. My personal playstyle these days are focused on collecting achievements, mounts, and pets, and some casual mythic+ with my friends.

I hope to be able to provide some useful feedback and insights into the solo experience the game has to offer, and how many of the small nuances of the game could be improved to make the daily grind just a little bit better.