Into the Coliseum

Defeating Kalisthene does not give quest credit


Can confirm as of March 25th 2023 this is still bugged. I have killed Kalisthene several times now and have not received credit. Honestly, what the Heck do we pay for with this game. So much of the content is broken. Heavy sigh…


after 6 months of trying everyday, i finally have figured it out how to fix this! Lose the first fight, that’s how it was designed.


Thank you, I honestly never would have thought of that. I’d never done the Path at level so I had no idea if it was supposed to be difficult.

Thank You! Didn’t even think of that.

This is pretty dumb design.

this is still bugged.

by meaning lose first fight, does that mean death?

omg thank you. I would never have known. :sob:

thanks headed back to shadowlands to do the sanctums and for a week i was trying to figure out why the story wasn’t progressing but in order for it to progress u need to lose.

omg thank you for saving me untold frustration – it was so hard for Kalisthene to win this fight, I likely never would have discovered this on my own (or even considered that it wasn’t supposed to be a walkover fight). I would have assumed it was broken.

@Vews - you, madam, are my hero.

TY VEWS!! :heart: I thought this was bugged & it was driving me crazy! :heart:

thank you for this, it took so long to die, i prob should have taken off all my gear! haha

This worked for me. Thank you!

Also - I just jumped off the platform to die and that worked instantly.