Internet crashed for 10 mins

I never got into Herod. I think I’m on a decent server now, but I am banking on the fact that if the server does die that I can xfer someday to whatever popular servers exist.

I think the point is you shouldn’t say anything. Cause you can’t help and your opinion is skewed by the fact you don’t have a large group your playing with and probably didn’t do early name reservation.

I don’t get it either. Every realm I have made a character on in the last week I have been able to play on. Though none of my characters are sitting on High to full realms, because I read and comprehended what Blizzard asked people to do and I chose to do so. Many chose to sit in 15 to 45k queues for hours. I have zero interest in doing so. I can always transfer later. The point for me right now is to level, that is my only concern right now.

yeah, they really need to give free server transfers from the more populated realms, larger groups may be able to coordinate moving to less populated realms if they do.

I did early name reservation and I did so with people from one of the guilds I am with on retail. I have not had a problem logging into play. Course I am on a realm that is also at medium. Sure there have been small queues here and there, but not 15 to 45k people in a queue. People have their own priorities, that is not on Blizzard. They do not possess the ability to know when guild mates and friends are not able to play with one another or which realms they choose to hang their hats on. People were asked to move and many refuse and Blizzard set the condition and parameters step by step through a series of blue post. People’s inability to move is causing them to have their own level of misery or at least go level and move back later when the realms themselves finally settle out.

What realm are you on?

I have characters on every realm normal and pvp that are currently at medium or below as instructed by Blizzard to do so. I would rather level than complain about not being able to log in or choosing to knowingly sit in a large queue. I can always move back to the realm that a first reserved names on where people from one of my guilds are currently at high. One needs to learn how to "Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome” or be hard headed and take their own lumps. I always choose not to take unnecessary lumps, if I can prevent myself from doing so.

So your not going to tell me the server that you name reserved pre launch? Or is this because your story is nonsense

Can you please leave the toxicity in retail where it belongs, we’re all friends here.

Retail players telling people to just play on different servers, are the problem.

I, and tens of thousands of others have all their decade+ long friends coming back to play world of warcraft classic, some got into the servers some did not, and we have people telling them, just abandon your friends and roll on a different server.

THOSE people are the toxic people. Not me telling them they are dumb.

They are literally acting like C’thun
“Your friends will abandon you.”
“You will betray your friends.”

They’re telling you AND YOUR FRIENDS to consider relocating. If you comprehend that any other way, then all I can say is that you can have your tantrum elsewhere.

If your friends are so important to play with then there is no issue. If there’s queues there are queues, are your friends more important or is the server? If there are still queues a few weeks after launch and not two days then I will concede there is a problem.

Reduced queue times. They are listening , yay:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I was playing with you.

No. I’m speaking as someone that has friends on other servers. I registered a name on Faerlina. It was 3 hour wait, then my internet went out, I came back to another 3 hour wait. And my bf and I just decided to switch servers. I’ll be making another toon later on my other friends server.

Because the guild with all the folks from my server on behind the queue wall…

I had that happen today, internet went down for 7 min and I been in queue since 4:37 still not in it’s absolutely ridiculous. 7 hours and I still can’t play. I really appreciate how they had like 5 servers to do name reservations on. Thanks BLIZZARD you f****d up another great thing…

I’m on fearlina

I’d complain to your power/internet company for dcing you, how dare they!

My internet was stable. My power was stable. I got disconnected today in some kind of large mass disconnect on Blizzard’s end. A lot of people lost connection simultaneously according to the survivors.

I tried to log back in with 20 seconds and found myself in a 4.5k/2.5hr queue. This is on one of the realms from the THIRD wave of realms.