Internal auction error

my friend cannot buy wow tokens after he bought two months with a Visa.
he is keep getting " internal auction error " message
Is there any solution ؟

Make sure he turns off any auction addons they cause issues.

Did he play the game time he bought already? Can’t just buy time and then buy tokens.

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I have bought it, this problem is the same as me who can’t buy tokens that have an internal auction error

Hey there Chakys,

Looks like you were still using your original 30 days of game time when this post was made. It has since expired, meaning the 30 days of time has been consumed as was pointed out above. If you have gold in Retail, you can purchase a World of Warcraft token with gold by just logging in. If this is Classic however that would not be possible and more game time may be needed to allow purchasing a token off the AH.

Here is a link with general information about why players can’t buy tokens with in-game gold.

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real money ? and what do you call tokens are not they real money? of you are giving them for free? if i want gold i have to purchase a token with ? oh surprise !real money don’t tell me you are not getting real money from me because some one is paying for it. Thank you

You’re responding to the wrong person, but also, the tokens have new rules.

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and when players leave i hope microsoft gets happy with new rules

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