Instead of a content drought we now have

Just a bad patch or boring one?


A boring one? If they hadn’t changed the rare thing it might have lasted another couple weeks but would still be boring in the long run


Everything is way too easy. People blasted through it all in a couple of weeks.

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I would say bad patch. The raid only has 2 good fights the rest of them feel like theyre half scripted, s2 m+ feels a little overtone and undertoned at the same time, tier sets are not exciting i wish they would have just not brought them back and make the talent trees feel more free, i give myself another month until i take a break until 10.3 i gave 10.0 2 months so ill give 10.1 2 months

The raid encounters are still being designed. (See: Zskarn)

what’s wrong with the patch?

content drought…lol.

Tailored around a lot of the playerbase bouncing to play D4

Something about this last patch burned me out. Not sure why but I went from daily play to suddenly I can’t even seem to muster the will to log in for even just the weekly…


It’s not bad but I am bored. That’s partly me, though.

  • editing to add: I did really like doing the Fyrrak Attack (or whatever it’s called) Those are very fun.

Same here, it was like all of a sudden it became apparent to me that DF just was an okay expansion. I guess I was just in the honeymoon phase. DF is decent, but I’m getting the same vibes I had several months into BFA and SL, that the current game doesn’t feel like WoW to me anymore.

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Not sure if to call it bad or boring. Their boneheaded change to rares, and claiming they aren’t the main content but won’t say what is, along with locking the story behind the raid really just kills this patch for anyone that isn’t a raider or dungeoneer. Just feels like Ion and Co want to kill the World and make this into a lobby based instanced game.

Next expansion, Instances of Warcraft, the big feature, no leveling, or questing, you are level cap the day you login and can start doing all the amazing raids and dungeons, enjoy. Our new capital zone is just there to act as a place for your character to be while you wait for your next amazing instance experience.


They might as well, for how trivial and bad the world content is anymore

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Bad and boring patch IMO

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both my dude. it’s both

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I played again this weekend after taking a few weeks off playing other stuff, and just not that excited. Another rep to level, more rares, and the main story wasn’t that exciting, blue dragon flight questline was better imo. Probably for the best, since D4 is about to come out.

Keys, pvp and raid are fun. :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

I am enjoying m+ and raiding.

I think the base zone of ZC leaves a lot to be desired. So I fully understand people running out of things to do there.

The Fyrakk Assault…thing is fun. But not enough to sustain a patch.

So for me personally, it has enough to keep me entertained. But I understand people wanting more out of a patch.

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Whole expansion feels like an end of expansion life patch.

well its boring because blizzard does what they do best and ruin it with stupid patches

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