Inspiration H Guild Recruiting

Inspiration is a Horde guild looking for raiders and others to join our ranks. We will begin raiding as a guild fully come 8.1.

Recruitment Needs:
Currently Recruiting All DPS, Tanks, and Healers.

Our Goal: Have a place for people to enjoy the game as much as they can but still have some level of competitiveness when it comes to content. To push through Heroic raid content (AotC being a constant objective) and crush some myth+. Of course other types of content we would love to try if/and when the opportunity arises. We are a pretty social guild, who plays many games together and are looking to add to that group. We all are helpful and well connected. So lets smash bad guys and have fun!

If you are interested please contact:
Holyheal- Shattered Hand
Dreadfather- Shattered Hand
Pizzabandit- Shattered Hand
Shalammy- Shattered Hand