⚠ [Insidious Legion] LF Raiders on Proudmoore for Heroic and Mythic Raiding

We transferred to Proudmoore several weeks ago and have built enough to be 12/12N and 9/12H possibly pushing mythic soon. We are looking for DPS/Healers and two tanks to fill our ranks. We have a decent array of raiders that are looking to build our 2nd Heroic group and possibly even mythic raiding.

Our raid times are Thursday and Sunday at 5:15 Server. We currently are seeking an array of DPS. We also need dedicated healers, or even off spec Healers. Currently we are seeking additional tanks as well and possibly even off spec tanks for mythic content.

How do I get a raiding spot?
Show up, if you aren’t on the team stick around in case you are needed many times, we need a sub. Don’t see your class under our needs group (see below)? Talk to me anyways, many times we determine spots by ability.

Actual Needs (Subject to change):

Group 1
12/12 Normal
9/12 Heroic

Group 2

Start Times for your Time Zone:
5:15 - Western
6:15 - Mountain
7:15 - Central
8:15 - Eastern

If interested, please contact me on:

Bnet: Theodoras#11590
Discord: Hattorrii#3227


  1. Discord is Required!
  2. Respect fellow guildies
  3. Be inclusive

bumping this post

Hopefully finishing off the Il’Gynoth wing tonight!

Group 1
12/12 Normal
9/12 Heroic

12/12 Normal
11/12 Heroic

Almost had N’zoth last night