"Insanity Raiding" (18+) recruiting players Tues/Wed 7:45-10pm EST

“insanity Raiding” (Stormrage 18+) has been a guild since 2010. Raiding is a main focus of this guild, but the guild also has a Social aspect to it which makes it more fun to be a member in it. Some members will hop onto Discord to chat, but it’s usually in the late afternoon and evening hours since many of them work. Yes, there are also Seniors like myself who will always be in Discord during the daytime for those players who want some daytime chat. The GM of this guild is a no nonsense woman who if she likes you, she will tease you w/o mercy, that I have known for a number of years and have recently returned to her guild myself. Currently there is 1 progressive raid team here. It is Casual progressive (N/H focus on getting AOTC & maybe some light Mythic if time allows, but NOT CE) . The guild builds teams on it’s members desires, playstyle, and needs, so future teams could be built. Besides raiding the guild has active M+ w/ some players doing 10’s 11’s, 12’s, and others including GM who adores doing M+'s the KSM range. There is also PVP (both BGs and arenas), and old content runs for mounts and transmogs.
Currently- Our H/M team has not stated any new needs for players.
N/H team N 9/9, H 2/9- T/W 7:45-10pm EST, are LF a capable tank that is Heroic ready (who can possibly also raid lead)-Current RL’s work schedule has changed, so we are in need of a new tank.
I will update in this post any of the team’s needs or any future teams that may be built.
If you would like more info/invite, just IM me in-game. I usually log onto the game practically every day in the early afternoon, but if you can’t catch me and just desire an invite then either contact GM: Ureka (refer to my post in forums if you do) OR go through guild-finder and apply directly to “Insanity Raiding”.
For ANY of you w/ unusual spelling’s in your character’s names that desire an invite, please either contact GM: Ureka OR apply through guild-finder. I use WIM instant messenger and the program doesn’t allow me to copy unusually spelled names.
We hope that you join our fun family!

For Casual progressive raid: Still LF a competent tank (non-warrior), and a Shaman healer. Must know 1st 2 bosses in heroic.

The guild is now H 5/9 for our T/W team. Still LF a steady competent tank (non-warrior ,must know heroic fights), shaman healer & some dps. We have also been doing alt runs for Normal Aberrus now on Monday nights 7:45pm-10pm EST.

Update: Our Casual progressive team had a great week and is now H 7/9 and we started working on Echo. Way to go team!

We have a tank now for the Casual Progressive group. Just still need a healer and some more dps.

The guild is now H 8/9.

Guild has now over 800 members, so come join us!

We are now in need of a tank for our Casual progressive group. Still are also in need of a good healer (non-evoker) and some more dps both melee & ranged.

We are LF 2 tanks now (both a main and an off-tank) for our current Heroic Aberrus raid on T/W 7:45-10pm. We lost some tanks recently and need to replace w/ adults that know Sark fight, since the raid was up to Sark. Also needed Healer (non-evoker), and more dps (both ranged and melee). Raiders for this raid are a minimum of 435 at this point, and some are in the 440’s in gear due to KSM. Others are also welcome to join our guild as we run normal raid on Monday for newbies and alts., and we also re-run heroic on Tues. and use the lockout for Sark on Wed. Some of us are H 9/9, and we are helping our guild Down Sark, so those that need AOTC can achieve it. Some of us also would like to do some light Mythic (after AOTC) like maybe the 1st 3 bosses, but none of us expect CE and we are NOT a CE guild at all. Just a guild for casuals who like to raid and have fun doing it.
I have also been asked if we have an active discord, and is it used for other things besides raiding and M+. To that end I say it takes players who want to actually chat in Discord to be on it. I’m always in it when I log online during the daytime, and sometimes someone will pop in, and in the evening there are those who will come on and chat. So if your someone who likes to chat, just join us and make our chat group larger.
I’m also going to put it out there to players who don’t give guilds a real chance after they join. The one’s who leave after 1 hour or between 1-3 days. How does any adult really know a guild in that short of a time period in the first place. There can be literally 2 or 3 people online, and someone gets frustrated that no one wants to run their key when the other players could be doing something else, or if many are online and running a raid, those still behind want a key run, and no one is there to run it. There are people to run your keys, just be patient for players to finish what they are doing, and don’t just hit g-quit. It takes a good month at minimum to really know a guild, and if you are unhappy, speak w/ officers who can help you. Also, as a good rule, never just hit g-quit w/o telling an officer of ANY guild that you wish to leave and give them reasons for wanting to leave. This way they can improve their guild. I’ve been in multiple guilds and always do the right adult thing.

I would like to chat more with you in Discord if you have time this afternoon/evening. My contact info is below which you may still have. I should be available around 4:30pm PST and later.


Mike (Roadskii)

Discord: Roadskii
Btag: sgroeder#1363

Hi, my husband and I are looking for a raiding home on Stormrage. We are long-time players rerolling for a fresh start. Hoping to talk to you more in game about your guild.

Please add me on bnet:

will add you on my bnet.

We are desperately LF someone who would like to Raid Lead our T/W 7:45-10pm EST raid. Our GM gets called for work most of those evenings, and no one in the guild wants to raid lead. It is a very demanding job, and our previous RL got burnt out. We would like for our guild to finish getting Aberrus AOTC and do some light Mythic before the new raid comes into play, and we also don’t want to lose our main raiders due to inactivity on those days. Most of us are 435-440’s ilvl. What we would like to see is a Raid Lead, alt Raid Lead (when leader is absent), and we still need tanks/dps, and dps (both melee and ranged). If you have a main toon and Raid Leading appeals to you, contact me here and I will reply to you.

Our guild is on hold w/ raiding until 10.2. GM is now LF a permanent Raid Leader (also alts. when leader is absent or could be full if we need to start another team because of overflow), plus a tank, healers, and dps.

We still are LF Raid leads and alts for 10.2.

Besides Raid Leader and alts, we have discovered that our guild still is in need of more healers and melee dps for our T/W 7:45-10pm EST raid. Our guild is Casual progressive (No benching ever allowed per our GM, so everyone feels relaxed and comfortable raiding w/ us). Many of us are also aged 50+, so older adults are always welcome to the guild and enjoy our relaxed vibe whether they want to strive for KSM or just chill.

Our guild downed N 3/9 in Amirdrassil last night with a full group despite not having a definitive Raid Lead. We are still searching for one. If anyone wishes to join our guild, they are still always welcome to join, and any overflow of players a 2nd raid group could be formed.

Update: the guild is now Amir. N 7/9 and we started looking at Tindrel. We still have need of a Raid Leader (and alt leaders), and we are down a tank, and can use a good one. We had a duel-spec guildie fill in last night. We raid T/W 7:45-10pm EST. All others may join us, and we also accept everyone’s friends (as long as they are age 18+). We are a non-benching guild.

For now, we have found ourselves a new tank who also volunteered to Raid Lead for us. Anyone else who wishes to join our guild may do so.

Guild is now N 8/9, and on Fyrakk we got to phase 3 on tries. We also had a fun run on Thanksgiving of heroic Amirdrassil and downed the 1st 2 bosses.