Inn AFKers, "Q-dodgers"

Well, I think the fact that they had to increase the initial number of servers by 300% so far is a good sign that they failed to plan properly.


The plan was to increase available servers with demand.

Ion said that in the thread he spoke about how server density labeling works.

Literally every server reached “full” last night, with the larger ones having 8+ hour queues. I queued at 1 yesterday and didn’t get in until 9. They aren’t doing a good job right now.

When servers were reaching “full” a few days after pre-registration opened (2 weeks before release), it should have been a clear sign that they needed many more servers. High demand was expressed, and they failed to react appropriately.


I work on theory? Dunno what that even means. Youve got no idea what youre talking about with your gross oversimplifications. Realms arent even physical servers with a static capacity anymore, but scaling based on load and cloud computation is a lesson for next semester

If you think Blizzard doesnt have the resources to handle this load had they prepared to, youre wrong. Simple as that. More realms, for one, is an easy solution to your terrible example.

Ya cause handling load spikes at peak times gracefully and leaving wiggle room to meet your SLAs given some uncertainties in your estimates is some Blizzard specific super duper difficult task and not something that everyone in the industry is doing

That other dude prolly hasnt even completed a codecademy course, and you probably havent either. I dont get why people defend Blizzard for consistently screwing up stuff like this like its impossible to get it right and gigantic queues is the best solution. Ya’ll are high

This is absolutely not “the best they can do”, its “the minimum we can get away with and not lose that many players”

If I ever missed a load estimate by 300%!!! I would be out on the curb with no severance. Its embarrassing


Uhh, sure… but the plan surely wasn’t to have to increase by this many.

If they knew they’d need this many servers, I am pretty certain that they would have started with more.


Would you people just stop with the rampant accusations and “blizz fault tehy hert meh” nonsense.

It’s so petty.

They’re doing what they can make it go as best they can. That’s it. You’re not special. I’m not special. We’ll get in when we’re able to get in.

Here this is what they’re trying to do:


I love this game. I love that we finally have Classic. I don’t love the idea of dead servers after tourism season ends.

Queues suck, but it’s better to just ride it out until the hype dies. The queues will not last forever, but servers being ghost towns will.


@Alieonä just give up - you are arguing with people that think ‘servers’ are still a static piece of tin in a rack - they have no current understanding of serverless architecture, ondemand capacity planning or AWS IEM and other ‘pre-warming’ strategies around scalability.
To them, they just dont cant comprehend how these concepts have changed service structures for underlying cost models for companies like blizzard and devops is the way of the future that will drive everything.
Chances are, these types of concepts are things blizzard is familiar with -0 but as you will know, scalability and performance is always a question between customer experience and monety expenditure even in these environments


Can you please just stop defending them when it’s so obvious they 100% missed the mark by a county mile here?

They only had 3 Eastern PvP servers at first. That’s not “trying to preserve long term health,” it’s just being stupid.

It’s good that they didn’t come out of the gates with 75+ servers, but having around 30-40 would have probably been more reasonable than the 11 they initially started with.

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Yeah one random arrogant forum poster knows more about Blizzard’s architecture than Blizzard does.

That’s rich.

Like you honestly believe that? If you do then you need to quit your job right now because you’re delusional.

My head is about to explode, thank you for being a voice of reason in these dark times

As far as I saw, the newer servers like Benediction (which I played on for a while) never even got to high.

Listen… hear this as a statement and not a personal attack…

Anyone that thinks they can sit on the forums and dissect, analyze, and find faults in something they have no working knowledge of is delusional.

Perhaps to meet their own expectations of themselves. I really don’t know…

…but you’re flat out wrong.

When you are leveraging the same toolset every day in the very same datacentres and delivering web services and architecture for clients off the same toolset, it actually becomes very clear what can be achieved through our mutual cloud hosting providers, AWS.

Yes, my company is much much smaller - so imagine the leverage and support Blizzard has under their Managed Services Agreement with Amazon! I would kill for those opportunities!


I’m very curious to know who the true decision makers are at Blizzard. Lot’s of poor choices over the years, ranging from questionable to flat out stupid. I can’t help but think it’s isolated to a very small handful of people who aren’t cut out for the roles they’re in.


Do you think that your total lack of knowledge is better than our actual knowlesge? to ignore the fact that pretty much everything we do in this industry has been standardized into best practices at a high level, and incidents like this launch are pretty much entirely avoidable and generally only happen in the case of major gaffes or some out of touch finance dude making the final call?

Its frustrating how little you know combined with how much conviction you have.


Yeah because hosting websites and offline storage is totally the same demand and architecture as an MMO.

See that itself is evidence that you’re not even in the same room as what Blizzard deals with in WoW.

For what? for Dropbox? Alexa? Some web apps?

They’re not even comparable to how WoW works.

I’m personally hoping the server you chose to play on becomes a ghost town down the line so I can see you whine about there being no one to play with.

I think… nay I KNOW that Blizzard is better suited to answer these questions than “Alieona” whatever that is.