Informal Heresdingo Sunday raid

Searching for a raiding guild?
Apprehensive about talking to a bunch of people you don’t know?
Do you want to give raiding a try?
Are you a personable non-toxic human who loves playing the game?

Please consider coming and hanging out with us.

Every Sunday, ~630-930 CST, several of our guild members have a chill normal BoD run for alts and gearing new members and we would love for you to come along! No strings attached, other than if you enjoy yourself consider joining us full time.

We don’t have a lot of requirements though a few are needed given the nature of the raid.

  1. You need discord. Don’t need to talk (though you are more than welcome to) but at least be able to listen.
  2. Be at least 375…ish. In short, that’s just to be able to contribute effectively and survive the fight.
  3. Do mechanics. Dead dps/hps is < living. If you die, that’s cool too! Just be able to learn and/or ask if you are unsure.
  4. Be nice. Or at a minimum, not toxic.

Other than that, all specs (save for tanks…unless we need one) are welcome.

Feel free to message me in game with any questions or interest.