Inescapable Consequences

Glad they can fix that but not the other crap in Arena lol


Wait…does that buff spite even more??

they fix prot pal one shot but not destro hahahhaa


anyone see any indication that inescapable consequences will deal damage through immunities? this seems like a rextroy fix that doesn’t affect rextroy


Actually a good change imo, spite needs to still be fixed tho. Revert it back to not stack anymore ty.

Won’t he die a few seconds after Bubble wears off?

10 spites in BGs, instant kill everyone, ez clap.

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Yeah. No ‘corruptions’ are halved by 50% or something in pvp, but just more things that make it crazy.

I think this goes through immunities since they specified those specifically.

Didn’t spite get nerfed so it doesn’t stack with others?

he already does that with 400% more damage taken or whatever. most of his games in the video end during the 30ish seconds he has valkyr->bubble->touch of the everlasting proc that refreshes valkyr cd->valkyr


Blizz clearly watches what Rextroy does, he needs to play destruction warlock so that they will nerf them.


Lol was thinking the same thing. Have to think they just didn’t word this correctly or it’s a useless change seeing as he dies after immunities anyway.

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That got reverted almost instantly

Really?? That’s so sad

And I clicked on the link expecting an actual hotfix xD

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