Ineff Truth Nerf Reverted! Bliz Update!

Well there ya have it they listened to feedback and reevaluated their intended nerf and decided against the change at this time. Guess they are gonna let people make some weird builds and go ham.

Basically they couldn’t figure out how to hotfix it so they aren’t going to change it.


To be fair it seems like they didn’t really know what they were doing when they designed it.


“Thanks for the Forum Feedback Guys!”
“With overwhelming support our staff has decided to hotfix Chaos Bolt”
“How will we nerf it you ask?, well we are making it a static 2.5 second cast”
“Thanks for your time!”


3.5 seconds and then we are talking then have them take 30% more damage in PvP.

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Now I can be a rogue and hoj all 3 targets…


We in hoj city boys

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It just needs removed as a choice of corruption, and all points spent on it, sent back to the user immediately. Even Abomb can agree on that.

Ok can we just nerf locks now?

And dhs too.


Cool, now can they address the r1 vs r2 ineffable problem? Tyty

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yea lol 12 corruption for 30% or 30 corruption for 50%, literally the only corruption whose value does not add up at all.

Yea that was an oversight or maybe not and they wanted to have people mess with multiple use of corruptions for more builds. This way you can use some Ineff and stack other things. Which is nice.

The one issues is just stacking one thing hard with this design choice. Some corruptions amounts could be lowered to promote mix matching corruptions.

How do you constantly manage to take something people support and twist it in to something so completely ridiculous?

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