<Indomitable> (H-US-Thrall) New Mythic Guild created by Former Mythic Raiders

Good morning, afternoon, or evening. Thanks for taking the time to check out our post and guild.

(H-US-Thrall) is a new Mythic raiding guild that was formed by previous mythic raiders of (H-US-Thrall) and (A-US-Proudmoore). Both guilds fell apart in the first half of Battle for Azeroth due to the poor systems execution of the expansion.

Not only did we not want to look for a new guild since we wanted to play together, but because a lot of mythic guilds have some flaws of their own. Guilds can be clique-y, Officers are superficial positions made for friends, and guild-related work tends to be left to members who have a desire to pick up the slack. We want to strive for better.

Indomitable’s goals come Shadowlands are to resume Mythic raiding and progression into WoW’s most challenging content, including Mythic+. Our plan is to raid 2 nights / week with a heroic / alt night 1 night / week:

Progression nights Wed/Thurs 8:00pm-11:00pm EST
Heroic/Alt night Mon 8:00pm-11:00pm EST

All that being said, we are recruiting all classes and specs.

We are especially on the look out for:


MW Monk
Disc/Holy Priest

Whether you are a seasoned mythic raider, someone looking to dip their toes into Heroic, or you want to push some keys in M+. We aim to have something for everyone.

Our Heroic raids will be for anyone interested in raiding / alts, and spots will be given to the first members to log on for raid. The Mythic raiding roster will be slightly different, and will be determined based on performance. This determination will also extend to the officers. While we will help everyone learn and improve, constantly dying to the same mechanic may lead to a bench. I say this to be transparent and to set expectations.

If our goals seem to pique your interests, then feel free to add me on BNET and we can chat some more. I look forward to hearing from you!




Still looking for more DPS and Healers

Morning all!

Good morning! Raids starting soon, still looking to fill a couple spots beforehand!

Hope everyone had a good week and a great weekend!

First week is in the bag! Looking for healers and DPS! Add me if interested!

Good afternoon all!

Happy Friday!

Im a 469 Ret Palain. 1239 RadierIo. i applied in game as well. Id like to find a guild where people are running mythic plus together when the guild isnt raiding. Id be in those groups everyday if i could. Every guild ive been in so far runs like 3 mythics on the weekend and raids twice a week, abd the rest of the time discord and guild chat are graveyards. if you guys are more active than that, and theres laughter when you guys play together, sign me up lol

Good evening!

Hows it going Thrall?

Good evening, still recruiting solid players for Shadowlands!

Looking for any RDPS spec! As well as a MW Monk or a Disc/Holy Priest!

Good evening!

Happy Thursday!

Good morning and happy Friday! Still need healers and RDPS!

Good afternoon! Still looking for peeps!

Good morning! Still looking for RDPS and healers!

request sent! I have a R druid and a BM hunter 3/12M. Would love to chat!

Good evening! Still looking for healers and RDPS!