<Indomitable> 6/10M LF RDPS

Hi there!

Thanks for taking the time to check out our post.

<Indomitable> is a new guild (created April 2020) formed by former Mythic raiders looking to return to Mythic raiding in Shadowlands.

A little about us:
is mostly made up of former CE Mythic raiders. We no longer have the time, or the desire to push US guild rank, so we started a guild to push CE in this expansion and have fun raiding / running M+. The reason we started a new guild, and didn’t join an existing guild, is because we found a lot of guilds have fundamental flaws in how they approach raiding / guild management. Guilds can be clique-y, Officers are superficial positions made for friends, and guild-related work tends to be left to members who have a desire to pick up the slack. We want to strive for better.

The Mythic raiding roster operates slightly different than most guilds, and spots will be determined based on performance. This determination will also extend to the officers. While we will help everyone learn and improve, constantly dying to the same mechanic may lead to a bench. I say this to be transparent and to set expectations.

Progression nights Wed/Thurs 8:00pm-12:00am EST

Heroic/Alt night Mon 8:00pm-12:00am EST (End of tier will become a sale night for the guild.)

Other Guild Events

  • RBGs Saturday / Sunday night ~8pm EST.
  • Guild Minecraft Server
  • Guild Among Us (sporadic)

Our raiding roster has undergone a lot of changes in the last few weeks, and currently, we’re looking for a RSham, and a few more solid RDPS.

Recruitment Needs:
Tanks: Full.


Healers: RSham

If our goals seem to pique your interests, then feel free to add me on BNET and we can chat some more. I look forward to hearing from you!

Bnet: Zyde#1325

Disc: Zyde#1325

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Good afternoon! Always recruiting solid players!

Still looking for healers and RDPS!

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Good evening! Still recruiting solid players!


I didn’t even know this second post existed

Good morning! Still recruiting solid players!

Good morning! Sill recruiting HPal and RDPS!

Still recruiting solid players!

I heard y’all are still recruiting

Still looking for HPally!

Still recruiting HPal and RDPS!

Sun King dies next pull. Promise.

Still recruiting HPAL and RDPS!! Come one come all!

Honestly who is Ludacrisp anyways. dude is always dead

I saw a butterfly today. It landed on my finger and told me we were still recruiting.

Still recruiting RSham and RDPS!

OwO Someone say wuda uwu?

He says Rsham and RDPS… But what he really means is any exceptional applicants.

Especially our rogue friends who do MELEE DAMAGE IN PHYSICAL RANGE

Oh god I just realized I said that backwards.

Physical damage in melee range xD

5/10M. We’re always recruiting.