Indesertus - Recruiting - 9/9 N 5/9 H

Hello All…

We are looking for skilled raiders who want to be part of a raiding family. Indesertus has been around since 2008 going on 10 and a half years now.

We tend to raid later in the evening… typically 1030 PM Server Till 130 am…ish wed/thursday sometimes tuesday.

Uldir Progression 2/8 Mythic and 8/8 heroic AOTC.
Dazalor Progression 7/9 Normal and 4/9 Heroic

We are actively recruiting skilled players who want to hit the next tier hard but be considered not hard core.

What we are is a group of solid players who have bonded over the many years of playing games together. We like to excel at whatever it is we do. Whether that be pvp, raiding, dungeons, trolling and smack talking. Whatever it is, we want to be good at it.

What we are not is a bunch of candy coated generation offended individuals. If some one is not performing we tend to inform them and help them out. After all we are only as strong as our weakest.

We are also not a giant social guild. We do not mind having a good chunk of members but you will not find us hoarding 150 active members all the hours of the day.

We have immediate need for 1 tank(non-pally) 1 monk Healer,
We are always recruiting solid and skilled players though so feel free to contact any Rainoflight, Sleepypanda, Moko, Bilhikz or Myself (Sissylala).

Otherwise best of luck to everyone and as always… FOR THE HORDE!!!

Are you still recruiting tanks? Or dps for that matter? If so I would be interested in you guys if we can talk on discord or something?

Yes we are.

Updated For new raid