Incubus Glyph - as a balance to Succubus? Fun too

Lol this is wild. As you said it’s a legit mythological demon, not some “slave woman” that Blizz made up on their own.

I think offering a “fix” to this problem would just be damage control overkill. Like trying to the make the fantasy world 100% politically correct was not the issue at Blizz. Assaulting their female co-workers was the issue, no changes in game are going to fix that.


Then don’t think of it as a “fix” just think of it as a fun option.


Warlocks were promised an Incubus glyph in consideration of het women back in Cataclysm actually.

It’s been 11 years since we were promised that glyph.



They have the perfect model!
Horns; check
Wings; check
Hooves; check
Male? …probably?


A warlock with all male demons? Not diverse enough and pretty misogynistic


If only warlocks had a demon customization system


If you think succubi are problematic, I don’t know how literal [violent nonconsensual intercourse] demon wouldn’t be


Also yes, more customization always.

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For what it’s worth, Blizzards Succubus is much more politically correct than the mythological being. The WoW succubus can seduce both males and females. She is way ahead of the times. I agree there should be an incubus. There needs to be some explanation of how we got him to Azeroth for the binding. Maybe a quest chain that warlocks do to locate the hidden chamber that contains the forgotten summoning spell?

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They are literally the Bill Cosby of demons.

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Then add a female infernal and female Felguard!

Hey, a female Void lord!


I believe lore wise it was clarified that Succubi and Incubi in WoW’s universe are separate demons, so definitely male…

Edit: Oh hey, I see Sparda jumped fictional settings…

Yea but I mean the demon I showed in the pics.

Makes sense to me, they are waaay too shrewd with glyphs in this game and should add them as rewards all over the game

Stupid sexy demons!

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I read that with Homer Simpson’s voice.

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And that’s the only way it should be read. :slight_smile:


Hey cool idea. +1

Bold of you to assume their gender

Stop making up non existent problems

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Succubi are typically associated with temptation and corruption. Their goal is to get souls and sex is just a means to do so.

Because they deal in gathering souls, they have to respect free will.

Incubi can also tempt and corrupt, but their ultimate goal is to create as many half demons as possible.

Because demons can breed with virtually anything, it allows them to get creative.

And they don’t tend to appreciate the nuances of “No”.