If Incubus model is not a Tauren we riot.


That’s… Interesting.

I’ll keep the succubus however.

Remember to support warlock stables!

Taking credit :relieved:


It seems to be a satyr model currently. (in old Kata) but I hope they make up something new.

Might have to switch to warock. Seriously though they listened correctly this time good job on that blizz XD.

I’m looking forward to this and curious what the model will look like. I bet some players will be pretty mad at having their male character charmed. lol


Um, it’s just a glyph. It replaces the succubus.

It does NOT add a new demon.
It does NOT add depth to warlock pet play.
It does NOT add new features.

It’s Blizz’s attempts to promote wokism and a response to their lawsuits. That’s it.

NOTHING to get excited about.

Plus, most likely they will use an old model and copy/paste like they always do. Not to mention there will be zero sexualization of the model.



But if he’s not shirtless, then what’s the point.


Screw that. I have been wanting an Incubus for years. Yes it never suppose to have any gameplay difference with a sucubus. It was suppose to be purely COSMETIC. And people have been asking for it long before this whole Disaster popped up


its should be available by saving in from a castle like a princess xD

People have been requesting it since… Cata? probably since Vanilla.
Glyphs is how demon customisation works. Hunter pets are all the same set flavours as well, just different shapes.

It will probably be an updated satyr model or the old metamorphis model from demo locks That you still get if you get splashed on by those dark warlocks in lowbie caves.

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YES!!! :partying_face: :partying_face:

In current gameplay, how often do you use the succubus outside of maybe pvp?


The only build that used to be viable was demo’s shadow pvp build. But that has not been used in quite awhile.

So, sure, yay a new model… one you will never use.

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Says you.

This has been a highly requested thing for a while. I’m happy. I don’t think I will use it much. But I can see why others are over the moon.

Just the notion, without even a model, is pretty great.


Yet, u will rarely use it in current gameplay.

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It would be an excellent idea to put IN YOUR FACE that stupid Warlock who wanted to censor the bestiary culture of mythological creatures from the Florkloric and ethnic culture of legends and fantasies in video games.

no… Anyway I will do


he better. or we riot.


They won’t. The snowflake wokesters will riot and complain.

They just got a shotgun in their face that Bliz is keeping the skimpy mogs.
They finally got told no.

… you mean a jail? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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