the neck beards boogyman



There are no “snowflake wokesters” crying bestie, that thread above quoted is a troll one lmao. People are very happy to see equal opportunity sexualization. I’m all for the Incuboi, a shame I won’t really get to use since no interrupt or cleanse like the doggy or imp.


I could simply summon it and use it for regular play. Not everyone needs to min/max all the time. Heck, i could just summon him while I stroll a capital city or whatever. I do still see warlocks walking around with a succubus because it is fun.


Lmao this. The heck is a warlock stable ? I use my demons against their will and make they explode when I’m done with them.


That’s my whole point! Lol

Ppl are like yay incubus! But if you acknowledge current warlock playstyle, you will NEVER use it, lmfao.

I know for certain if a warlock shoes up to a m+ or raid pug using a incubus, they will get the insta-kick, lmfao.

Incubi should have been in the game from the start.

Good that folks that want them are getting them relatively shortly though!

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Wrong. New Glyphs are always exciting.

Being able to choose between which demons are part of your summon is part of the fantasy, regardless of if they do anything different or not.

If they’re working on 1 glyph for this class, who’s to say they wont working on adding even more for other classes?


I likely wouldn’t use it at all. I like my succubus. But others have wanted it.

I don’t really PvP on my lock anyway. I might use it just to trigger people who are offended.

But others wanted it for RP.

It is a good thing all around.

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Yes we know.

Yes it does.

Gameplay? no. Aesthetically? Hell yes. A warlock is a demon handler, makes sense that he can summon incubi as well. This is just like glyphs for the Voidlord or the Observer. Still the same abilities, just aesthetically different.

Of course not. This is 2021 Blizzard not old blizz. It’s not like the glyths of old where depending on the pet you had out during the Green Fire quest, they would either tell you a straight answer (succubi) or give you a huge info dump ( Observer). It’s just an optional model change we warlocks wanted.

Look, I’m ALL for new glyphs and models. I think it’s great that players are getting more options.

But don’t forget the context. They are NOT doing this bc of player feedback, or bc they are making things better, its bc they are promoting wokism and bc they are getting sued. That’s it.

But also, you have to understand, with changes comes stupidity. There will be a ton of instances where locks will be getting kicked from groups bc they are using the “new” incubus and doing crappy dps bc they didn’t do the research and acknowledge that it’s just the old succubus and that build is NOWHERE near a viable build in any content. In fact, there hasn’t been a viable succubus pve build in years.

So while the model is nice, it also has its downfalls.

I don’t mind this change. I’m happy for the ppl who want to have the option of running an Incubus as opposed to a Succubus. I mean, it never really made any sense to NOT have an Incubus option, given that Incubus/Succubus are like two-sides of the same coin.

As per male toons being charmed by an Incubus: first of all, it’s a game mechanic tied to a pet, and the Incubus essentially amounts to a skin. The game mechanic is gunna work, no matter what the skin is. The game mechanic doesn’t care about your RP/IRL sexuality. Secondly, if it really bothers you so much RP-wise, you might consider the fact that it’s entirely possible to be charmed by someone/something wo it being sexual in nature. If this is an IRL sexuality problem, then - honestly - just stop playing the game. If a pet charm is gunna tilt you, you’re taking it too seriously.


Hello demon boys :sob: it’s been years but you finally come


It’s just like a mind control. involuntary. The whole point. But some people just forget this is a game in which we play WAR.

You’re ok with chopping someone’s head off or throwing a giant meteor at them. But having their pet wink at you? OH LORD.


Seriously having them just show up makes it seem like they’re street cats that just decide they like you XD

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So much innuendo potential in this sentence.

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They’re not from Moonguard though.

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Aight, not my cup of tea but cool for those who want it. Can we get a Pit-Lord glyph?

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My warlock’s body is ready! Bring on the candy sugar in my eye holes!


Dude. If players dont know that glyph nowadays are just COSMETIC then that is on the player. Not on,Blizzard. As for the context, they said what the context is, they want to make Warcraft better(and hopefully legal authorities will force activ blizz to be a better company for their employees but that isnt something the devs have control on) and as far as I am concerned equal opportunity sexualization is fine by my book.

So hello Incubus/den of mortal delights with male NPC and welcome to Warcraft.

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Awesome news! It’s about time Warlocks got some attention.

I can’t wait to summon my very own incubus!

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