Increasing Anima Rewards from Dungeons and Raid Bosses

Anything Anima awards is entirely cosmetic.

The fact they were so stingy to this point makes me think. This is it.

They’re going to introduce almost nothing else to use it on so they want to Start with a massive gate.


You get the same amount or more from a 5 minute world quest as a dungeon. What kind of bone do you need?

TBH I can see this as well looking at the stupidly high cost of the weapons when its just a different color to the staff I already have…

Kaivax, thanks for relaying this, but while this is definite nice, I feel like the person in charge of this is missing the point.

Anima is not as valuable as your dev team believes it to be. The only argument I can see to anima scarcity, is the ‘free’ 197 gear…except you’ve only buffed gains at +7 minimum, so that doesn’t appear to be the main factor.

Complaints aren’t happening because “we’re being gated on this amazing resource,” complaints are largely happening because we often get literally nothing else from completing difficult content.

If valor gets reintroduced and it drops from M+ and raids (locked weekly to M+ most likely,) then the anima I get from M+ will literally be irrelevant to me.

Early on in the expansion (before I felt compelled to switch to a covenant I had no interest in purely for the combat ability) I wanted anima to level my sanctum, but now that I don’t give a crap about the ‘fun’ part of my covenant it doesn’t even matter anymore.

I haven’t spent anima on a sanctum upgrade in a very long time. I will never do the Ember Court unless I’m incredibly bored, and upgrading these things really don’t matter that much.

Oh right, let me spend 5,000 anima on a thing that gives me another quest that gives 70 anima per day. Likewise, getting 70 from a +7 instead of 35 just leaves me wondering why it matters.

I’m not a bot and at some point it seems like a waste of time.

This post has degraded into intense cynicism and ranting, but I hope I’ve explained my thoughts well enough…(I’m still sour about needing to be venthyr for this ability.)

TL;DR: Good change, misses the point.



Maybe you guys don’t realize the reason players in dungeons and raids complained about getting a pittance of anima for their efforts is because they expect loot, and get none. Boss after boss, week after week, just getting anima is terrible. Getting more anima and still no loot is just as terrible.

What’s even worse is you guys said you didn’t want anima to feel necessary like artifact power did in BFA – so why would you increase the amount of something you don’t want us to feel is necessary? That just makes it feel more necessary!


What is the bet you are doing almost no relevant content? Some players asked for “meaningful gear.” That is code for you no longer get mythic ilvl wf/ tf from a wq.

I have zero faith in the direction this 'new’ish team is taking the game. Quite sad.

So a 30-40 minute dungeon may finally reward equal to a 5-10 minute quest?

It’s something. Just not something meant to be farmed this way.

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Wow… I’ll try not and spend it all in one place…


Ya, that;s great … so all the players that are already decked out and clearing higher content get even richer and the rest of us are screwed over … widening the gap between the haves and have nots.

FFS, I hate shadowlands.


Oh well, looks like i will stick to old content since this is joke XD…

Make it drop from WQ’s /raids/ dungeons at least 300 and more… so you need like 200k anima for all rewards and you get 35anima every 30mins?xD

How long this expansion will last - 6 years?


Hahahaha, Good news guys now you will get 105 aima but still no loot :smiley:

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Can we also get a big reduction of the amount of honor it takes to level each rank on the unranked PvP gear? It would really help with alts.

So, let me understand.
Unintended and/or excess loot in CN right nerfed overnight, anima amounts raised upon reset, but a better loot system “is being contemplated”…
I don’t get it.


I have more anima than I know what to do with, but can’t get certain slot upgrades because RNG is stingy.

What a joke…

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Which is kind of the point.

You know an expansion lasts 2 years, right?

No, it really is not. They are throwing bread crumbs to the masses and want you to thank them for it.

I agree, it should be increased to 36

It’s a start because of the fact that they even acknowledged it.