Inb4 hunters and pallys get a ’metamorphasis’

You already know where we going with this- it’s pretty obvious. Demon hunters and Death Knights…

That’s right, just think about it, hunters are constantly kept on edge cause something big is in the works, avenger’s shield is basically chains of frost, this is as good as discovered at this point

I’m just waiting for the Priest tank rune. Priests were originally planned to be capable of tanking just like Shamans. Mind Blast 8 sec cooldown and generates high threat, similar to taunt cooldowns. Inner Fire armor bonus. The framework is there.

Edit: I also keenly noticed that the threat your homunculi generate transfers to you. Tanking Priests could be in the works. :thinking:

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priest should be able to wear plate.

As somebody absolutely in love with meta tanking…

I really hope we don’t go in the direction of demon hunters. For what I enjoy, demon hunters are the wrong direction of what I’m enjoying about a caster tank.

Now if some of that inspiration goes towards hunters, then maybe just for sake of an interesting twist to give hunters an extra twist.

Cause over in caster tank town, I’m feeling good as it is. Could use a few tweaks, but no demon hunter tweaks.

It would be nice to see every class get some new playstyle like they did with warlocks. Excluding the tanking part because we dont need every class to be a tank lol

Okay i will bite… “thAT wOnt EVER HApPEn, neRd”

If you’re still interested in Priest Tank, it’s very much a thing in SoD.

Path of Arthas WAS Datamined back before Phase 1.

Remember in that interview where Aggrend said they would be leaving false bread crumbs here and there?

I also think Guarded by the Light ultimately became what Path of Arthas rune was going for.