Inappropriate name punishments

I don’t know but they should really make Ephoenix an unavailable name.

Youre looks too odd without tge apostrophe and im not going to bother tabbing to sub pages in to type it in with h just my thumb and one handed typing. I think its obvious every person under 70 knows the difference, and what the person is trying to get across, so your not actually correcting anyone, YOURE really just stroking your own own ego

I think the punishment should be that you are forced to keep a name decided upon by the wow subreddit.

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There are no paid name changes BTW

Not in WOW Classic, no. I was speaking of the current policies as applied in Retail. (So in WOW Classic, once a person gets a forced name … they’re stuck with it or they reroll. Good reason to not push back after a warning with a player-chosen name change.)

Which would more than likely be Pineisthex, unfortunately.

Back in BC there was one server that always became available before all the rest. I had a guild for all the people that were invading until their server became available. Named it,“Bliz Hates My Realm.” Logged in a while later and it was renamed “Guild of the Boar” or something along those lines haha. Never even got notified. Probably no big deal for character names too. Sorry this isn’t more helpful, but being reminded of my experience gave me a laugh.


I had a toon have to rename in Vanilla. I renamed it the same but with an extra letter. Next login that toon was named… Vyrydaduskin! Push, but don’t test them. Never played that toon again and it was almost a BIS 29 Rogue FFS.


I remember after I saw someone with a bad name online my entire life fell apart.
I was nine years old when I saw the name azfuker in wow. Now I murder puppies and am addicted to smack all because that name robbed me of my innocence.


oxycotton I had to change

Lol, what was the name?


EXCELLENT first post nails it, I had to go back and look.

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If you willingly choose to name a character that, I think any punishment you experience in life is self-inflicted.

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Something along the lines of beefdicc, It was a while back and a tauren warrior so i thought I was being smart when i added meat part in :confused:

i’d like them not doing anything.

if I come accross someone named ‘azfuker’ or ‘xXxterminatorxXx’ I’d know exactly what to expect from the guy…and avoid them.

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I knew someone in Cata who had characters with names inappropriate (RPPvP server). In general, the reporting happened because he spent “too much” time camping horde toons (who then presumably reported his names). The first offense per toon (I think) was a “you must rename”. The second offense was “and your new name is”.

2nd graders these days be giving their parents the s3x talk. Hell, some states are letting them identity as young as kindergarten and drag queen as young as 6 lol. Think of the children lol my sides…

You know how you avoid getting introuble for a inappropriate name…dont give your character a inappropriate name. :smiley: Ingenius I know.

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Usually a forced name change.

And it’s ROGUE, not rouge

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Well the best ‘bad’ name I ever saw was a guild, but it was pretty funny. It was called Up Your Darnassus.

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