In the Spirit of Classic vs #NoChanges

I think there’s an issue with the phrase they used ‘Warts and All’ because it suggests a spiteful approach rather than a productive one. Given the game’s current success and future potential, It would be a massive waste to intentionally leave in exploits and broken content simply because that’s the way it was. Leaving in unique quirks like mages sheeping eachother: GREAT, leaving in bugs like charging warriors getting stuck in trees or fears making you fall through the world: BAD.

I’m not suggesting rebalancing classes or anything like that… just polish up the world. Give us more of those graphic updates. Clean up pathing etc. Make the game feel responsive and find a different approach to spell batching. It’s probably taboo to say but the Nostalrius team and their successors tackled a lot of this and I personally think it was the right approach.

What in the world is spiteful about it?

Spite- (noun) Malicious ill will prompting an urge to hurt or humiliate another person.

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Because there’s an issue with classic overtaking retail

What a spiteful comment. Toxic post!

There has to be a conservative approach, because deviating even a little can damage the integrity of Classic on a fundamental level.

Layering is an example.

I expect adjustments each phase, no? Weren’t some of these issues fixed in later phases in the vanilla parallel?

I understood that Blizzard was going to stick very close to #nochanges, and not carve out exceptions along the way, but would then mirror the progression of the game with the most stable version of within each phase along the way.

Aren’t you suggesting them to do an in-between phase hot patch or something?

#NoChanges really means #NoChangesIdon’tWant

I’ve seen plenty of the #NoChanges crowd try to gaslight about the FD Trap bug or just outright say it shouldn’t be fixed. Also plenty of priests seem just fine with how PW:S is currently working.

Regardless of what other people say, my personal idea of “no changes” is: Precisely the way the game was in 1.12, no exceptions. Obviously there’s some things they’ve already changed… My personal breaking point where I insta quit is layering not being removed in P.2.

I don’t know their intent other than starting with 1.12.1 and all its mechanics. But my main concern is pathing and the responsiveness of the game. Using venders is sluggish, controlling my pet is frustrating, mobs are falling through ceilings and running through walls. It’s obviously not even how Vanilla was because of these enormous bugs like demo shout threat and power word shield Crit immunity sneaking through. Almost anyone who played on Nostalrius, Elysium, Lightshope (the big recent private servers) could tell you the game felt much more fluid and cleaned up. They would say this is Feenix quality.

That’s intentional.

As the old saying goes, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison.”.

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It’s what some consider warts.

But Vanilla means Vanilla, and Classic exists to recreate the Vanilla experience. The good and the bad (according to some). It’s up to the players to adapt to the game, not the other way around.

Fair enough. Thank you for that perspective.

Class balance is really good as is IMO.

I think the devs could stand to learn a lot about class design from Classic.